Complete List of Items Movers Won’t Move When Helping You Relocate Across Country

October 12, 2021Moving Tips
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Finding a reliable moving company to help you relocate cross country is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the relocation process. Before the professionals start loading the boxes onto a truck, you should know what items movers won’t move and get rid of them promptly.

Bins for disposing of dangerous and other materials
Before calling movers make sure you got rid of all objects

Just imagine packing up everything you own only to find out that all of those hair sprays and nail polishes have to be left behind. Also, you might have already imagined all of your plants scattered around the new living room, so learning that professionals can’t transport them might shatter your designer dreams. To avoid feeling disappointed, call the experts and learn what you should get rid of long before the relocation starts.

It Is Essential to Know What Won’t Movers Move Beforehand

There are plenty of reasons why people move, and no matter which one is yours, you just cannot skip some steps in the relocation process. For starters, you need to obtain packing supplies, create the inventory and to-do list, go over the relocation budget and then find time to sort through your belongings.

All of it might seem overwhelming, but that’s where choosing the right moving company can be a blessing. Professionals can handle all the grunt work of packing and moving the belongings, which will lower the levels of relocation stress you feel. However, even the equipped and trained professionals can’t handle all the things in your home. That’s why before the big day arrives, make sure you know exactly what movers can pack up and transport in the truck.

A professional mover next to the pile of boxes
When it comes to relocation, thorough preparation goes a long way

Hazardous Materials Are Some of the Items Movers Won’t Move

Have you ever really thought about all the things lying around your home? Look around. There are probably hair spray bottles, alcohol, oils, and paint thinners stored somewhere in the house. You might not know, but all of these are very flammable liquids (under certain circumstances).

Imagine movers transporting anything corrosive or explosive in the back of the truck. Since they are not only driving at night and during the cold weather, temperatures in the trailer can reach critical levels. And that is an accident just waiting to happen.

To avoid unnecessary endangering of lives, relocation equipment, and your belongings, movers won’t move things such as:

  • Kerosine, gasoline, and turpentine – some of the most dangerous materials in your home. Only gasoline starts around 8,000 home fires each year. It is highly flammable at high temperatures, making it really unstable for transport.
  • Rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover – the liquids you keep in the house can both vaporize quickly and are very flammable.
  • Aerosol cans – these pressurized items might explode when overheated. That’s why they are on a list of prohibited things.
  • Weapons and ammunition – most companies refuse to transport these objects because the law changes depending on the state they are traveling through.

Know that the list is prone to change. Don’t make a fatal moving mistake and start packing before talking with the professionals. Make sure you know exactly what objects they are not going to transport, and don’t try to sneak in some of them. Consequences can be dire.


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There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Avoid Packing Up Flammable Materials

These are some very dangerous materials you should not take for granted. According to the National Fire Protection Association, combustible and flammable liquids cause more than 51,000 home fires each year, creating $644 million in property damage.

Not only is it not safe to try and sneak in hazardous materials in the truck, but if anything happens, you will be held accountable. Also, relocation and insurance companies will not cover the loss or the damage that happened, so you’ll be on your own.

That’s why you should contact the Environmental Protection Agency office and find out how to dispose of all the hazardous materials the right way, without endangering the environment and others.

Some Items Can Be Transported After Preparation

When packing up, you have to consider that there are objects in your home that use flammable liquids. You have to prepare them properly if you want movers to transport them. Drain of oil and gasoline machines like weedwhackers, lawnmowers, and chainsaws. Also, remove the propane tank from the barbeque and empty and clean the fridge. When you prep these items, and they are no longer a fire hazard, relocation experts will gladly transport them.

various spray paint cans
Many objects in your house can be highly flammable at high temperatures.

Get Rid of Perishable Foods When Moving Across the Country

When moving to a new home, you will have to empty your fridge and pantry. However, since food is easily spoiled, it is one of the things professionals will not transport in their trucks — especially foods like meat and seafood that go from good to bad in just a few days.
Keep in mind that rotten foods can create unpleasant odor, attract insects, and create mold while being in transport. Not only will the box with perishables be ruined, but the rest of your belongings will be in danger (rodents and mold can easily ruin your couch or other furniture). All of this makes transporting the food more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why when moving out of state, either throw a huge going away, all-you-can-eat party or donate perishable and canned food.

When Moving Donate Items You Won’t Bring to a New Home

Remember, getting rid of things is one of the best ways to save up on relocation costs. By donating, you will not only get rid of objects professionals won’t transport, but you will also make somebody less fortunate happy. The charities like The Hygiene Bank and GoodWill accept all sorts of donations. From cleaning supplies to food, you can donate anything you can’t bring along to the next destination.

Useful moving tip: if you are driving the car to a new home, bring dehydrated and dried foods as a healthy snack because they don’t really go bad that fast.

Perishable food packed in glass jars
When it comes to food, you can either eat it or donate it before the move

Bring the Valuables With You, Just in Case

People can get strangely attached to their possessions. Some pictures or books can mean to you more than an expensive TV in the living room. That’s why if you own a few (or a dozen) valuable, sentimental objects, consider relocating them on your own without professional help. Family heirlooms such as rings, necklaces, and other jewelry should be put in the bag with your moving essentials.

Furthermore, after you organize important documents, don’t throw them in the box somewhere. Keep all the personal documents such as ID, passports, healthcare records by your side all the time because you never know when you’ll need them. Also, all the cash you have, credit cards, keys, and medicine should be neatly tucked in the bag with other essentials.

Remember that even though there is no rule when it comes to transporting these valuables, it’s more than important to keep them within arm’s reach. Because even when you hire a legitimate relocation company, accidents happen. And you might end up losing the objects you care so deeply about.

gold rings and necklaces
Some objects have not only huge monetary value but also a sentimental one

Think About Leaving the Plants Behind

Relocating plants will be a bit harder than you originally thought. First and foremost because you will not be able to rely on professionals to do it instead of you. There are a few reasons why relocation experts refuse to transport the plants. For starters, plants are pest and parasite transmitters, and they can endanger the whole cargo. Also, there is a small chance for the vegetation to survive the trip.

However, if you don’t want to just throw away your plants, and you can’t bring them along in the car, you can always give them away. Gifting a plant can be a perfect way to say goodbye to friends and family when relocating across the country.

green succulents in brown pots
Plants can be ideal parting present for your loved ones

You Will Need Different Solutions for Relocating Your Pets

According to the American Pet Products Association, around 67% of US households own a pet. That being said, you are more likely to have one than not, and every pet owner knows that their little friends are not things but actual living beings. With that in mind, know that transporting animals in the back of a moving truck is a no-go.

However, don’t despair. You won’t have to leave behind your loved animal. There are more than a few ways to bring them along to the next destination. Let’s see what they are.

Use the Car to Transport Your Pets

Since approximately 57% of households in America have two or more four-wheelers, even if you hired the best USA auto transport company to ship your car, you can still use one to drive along some of the famous routes in the States. And driving a car will be the perfect way to transport your pet. They will not only feel safe during the trip, but they will also feel less anxious.

However, before embarking on a stress-free road trip with your pet, check out some weird driving laws different states have. You wouldn’t want to be stopped by the police in Alaska if your dog is on the roof of the car (although the law allows them to be on any other part of the vehicle – go figure!).

Check out the video below to see how you can make the ride safer and more comfortable for your little friend.

YouTube video

Hire Professional Pet Mover to Bring Your Pets to a New Location

Driving long distances might not be the best solution for everybody, especially for people who don’t own cars for off-road driving that can handle long travels. Then the most hassle-free solution for both you and your pet is hiring a professional pet transportation company. These companies are equipped and trained to handle different animals, and they will transport your pet to the new location without a fuss.

dogs in a black convertible
Dogs are excellent companions for long trips

When You Get Rid of Forbidden Materials, You Are Ready to Call the Movers

As you can see, it is completely understandable why professionals don’t want to load some things onto their trucks. However, there are so many of your belongings that they will gladly relocate from one place to another. When you get rid of prohibited ones, pick up the phone and book your moving and car shipping company.

Remember, when shipping the vehicle, the same rules apply. So, no matter if you are using open trailers or top-notch enclosed auto transport, it’s important to avoid leaving flammable materials in the trunk. Professionals will ensure to offer you excellent door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping options, but it is up to you to avoid leaving a fire hazard in your four-wheeler.

Follow all of these guidelines when moving to a new city, and the relocation will go smoothly and without any explosive problems.

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