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Tips for Driving at Night

Driving at night is more difficult than driving during the day mostly because visibility is drastically reduced. However, night drives have benefits which include fewer drivers, almost no pedestrians you need to watch out crossing the street and to some people, driving at night is more relaxing. On the other hand, some people don’t like it, but we got good news. You can improve your driving at night with the several easy tips provided by USA Auto Transport.

Adjust your headlights

You simply need to use your headlights while driving at night, but even they can cause issues if they are not adjusted properly. You need to aim them correctly because even the new cars come with uneven headlights or pointed lower than necessary. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the manual, and you should know that the chance is very slight that you succeed immediately. However, after a few tries, it should be fine.

Dim dashboard lights

For some reason, people don’t dim the lights in the cabin when they are driving at night. Then what do dashboard dimmer switches are for? If the lights in the cabin are too bright, it will compromise your forward vision, and you want to prevent that from happening. Even a slight adjustment will do.

Look for the glare

When you are driving at night on dark country roads, there is always a possibility of an animal running out to the road in front of your car. You cannot see the animal itself, but what you can do is look for the glare or reflection in the animal’s eyes. If you see luminous spots on the road, it would be wise to slow down and perhaps honk. Otherwise, the encounter wouldn’t be pleasant for the animal, nor your vehicle.

Avoid looking at the headlights

When a vehicle is approaching, avoid looking at those headlights directly. It can disrupt your vision, which you don’t want. You don’t have to look away to the other side to avoid it completely because you want to avoid taking your eyes off the road. Avoid the beams by looking at the road in front of you.

Don’t glue to another vehicle’s rear

Approaching to close is dangerous during the day, but it is even worse during the night. You can never know whether the driver in front of you would see the possible danger ahead on time and in case of the sudden braking, you will be the one who will endanger your life and the life of the driver in front. Also, if you fail to press the brakes, you will damage your car and the other person’s car as well! Make sure you are at a safe distance from the car ahead and watch out for sudden moves.

Open windows and rest

You need to monitor yourself and if you are feeling drowsy, pull up and get out of the car to stretch slightly. Moreover, while driving at night, you can open the windows from time to time to let the cool air inside and this will help you maintain your focus.
Hopefully, you find these tips useful, and USA Auto Transport wants you to be safe on the road. If you want to ship your car, give us a call for more details.