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Best US Cities for Driving

You have decided to move to a new state, but how do you choose the city which is going to be your future home? You need to take many things into account– cost of living, environment, job market, and cultural events are some of the most significant factors. If you have kids, you would perhaps look for smaller cities with good schools and a developed healthcare system. But what about drivability? Have you even thought about what it’s like driving in a city you want to move to? It is undoubtedly a factor that you need to consider. You don’t want to spend hours covering little mileage while you are going to work. Traffic jams are frequent in some cities, and they are usually the places where the population exceeds several million residents. However, if you select one of these cities below, driving is not going to be a problem, and you will forget about traffic congestion. USA Auto Transport presents you the best US cities for driving.

Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi is a city located in the very south of Texas and with the population of approximately 320,000 residents, it is recognized as one of the best cities for driving. Even though it is not such a large city, Corpus Christi is well-connected to the neighboring towns. Main roads here are Interstate 37, as well as Interstate 69E. Along with these, eight other highways make this place a paradise for drivers.

Best US Cities for Driving

Tampa, Florida

Tampa is an attractive destination in Florida with the population of about 380,000. However, the metropolitan area of this city has more than three million residents, and still, Tampa is a city where driving is easy. Interstates 275 and 75 are two main arteries but generally speaking, the street grid plan of Tampa is well thought out, and you will not have troubles driving your car here.

Best US Cities for Driving

Mesa, Arizona

It is no wonder that driving in the desert is easy. With the population of almost 500,000, Mesa is heaven for the drivers. The roads are not winding, and they are wide, which makes it easy to drive your vehicle. Also, this place can be perfect for off-road enthusiasts as a desert is an excellent terrain to test the off-road abilities of your car.

Best US Cities for Driving

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is not a surprise why Las Vegas is an easy city to drive your car in. Even though it has a lot of tourists throughout the year, Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert and flat terrain allowed construction workers to build good roads. Take a look at this street layout, and you will realize why The City of Sin is perfect for new drivers especially.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Generally, all places that are either in Arizona or Nevada are suitable for driving and Scottsdale is not an exception. The city has the population of more than 230,000, and it was described as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach” by The New York Times. This means that the city must be good with places to relax and have fun! What we know for sure is that Scottsdale is among the best US cities when it comes to driving. Check out the map of Scottsdale here.
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