Weird Driving Laws in the US That Will Leave You Speechless

February 6, 2018Car Driving Tips
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As a driver, you know the basics, such as stopping at a red light, obeying speed limits, and not driving intoxicated. Federal law is pretty straightforward. However, there are states where some weird driving laws are still applied. That’s why when you move from one state to another, crack a book and learn what local regulations mandate. This way, you will avoid paying fines for honking, operating a dirty car, or even using profanities. To help you navigate some strange, almost archaic rules, here is the list of things that can get you in trouble in different states.

Why Should You Learn All the Weird Driving Laws in the US

Almost 93% of all US households have at least one vehicle, so it is a small chance that you will be living without a car no matter where you move. Realistically speaking, there are many pros of owning an auto, and that’s why you should consider bringing it with you.

Hiring an auto transport company to ship your car is an easy part. The hard one comes next – figuring out where should you move and then learning about new state rules and regulations. Yes, every state can have its own laws besides federal ones. That’s why no matter if you settle in one of the best US cities for driving, or you even opt for one of the worst locations, knowing the traffic regulations is a must. That knowledge will save you from getting into trouble with the police.

Policeman holding a stop sign
Knowing what you should and shouldn't do can save you from being pulled over

If You Want to Drive in California, Be Prepared to Learn a List of Things That Are Illegal

California seems like a pretty liberal, progressive, and overall modern place, right? Relocating there means you get to enjoy driving in Los Angeles, and you could even cruise around one of the most famous routes in the US – Route 66. However, even though riding around California would feel like you are in the best car movie ever, the state regulations make it seem like you are stuck in the great racing game set on the hard level. California has its own set of traffic rules that you should know if you want to become a better driver and if you wish to overcome driving anxiety.

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There Are Many Weird Driving Laws in California

When you figure out that it is better to ship your vehicle than to drive it to a new location, you’ll have enough free time to go over some pretty specific regulations CA enforces:

  • CA has a dress code for female drivers – it’s illegal for a woman to be wearing a bathrobe when she is behind the wheel.
  • It’s also against the law for an unoccupied four-wheeler to exceed 60 miles per hour – owners of driverless cars should be aware of this.
  • Also, you shouldn’t jump from an auto that goes at 65 miles per hour – if you feel unstoppable road rage, you’ll have to wait it out in your vehicle.
  • You are forbidden from shooting an animal from your four-wheeler unless you are shooting a whale.
  • Those settling in San Francisco should not clean their vehicles with used underwear.
  • In some parts of CA, ducks and peacocks have the right-of-way to cross the street.
Girl in a white bathrobe
In CA, women have to be properly dressed to sit behind the wheel

Driving a Vehicle in North or South Carolina Will Be Filled With Restrictions

Those who plan on settling in North or South Carolina should, right after they figure out how much does the car shipping cost, research all the car-related restrictions in these states. Each has its own weird regulations you should follow if you want to avoid paying fines or going to jail.

Get Ready for Some New and Odd Restrictions When You Move to South Carolina

SC residents that own vehicles somehow managed to survive the weird traffic regulations, so if you move here, you will too. However, to learn how to avoid breaking the law, you need to know it first:

  • If you are a fan of driving at night, you should know that it is forbidden to drive a golf cart at night, and if you have a pig, it’s illegal to take it for a nighttime ride.
  • Your machine can’t have naughty bumper stickers – if your vehicle has some on it, you should figure out how to remove car emblems because the fine can be up to $200.
  • You can surf the web while in the auto, but you can’t text and drive. It is illegal.
  • If you are moving a motorcycle as well, you should know that wearing a helmet is not mandatory as long as you are 21 or older.
  • You can be on the street without insurance – all you have to do is pay $550 a year for this privilege. This means you can say goodbye to looking for the best car insurance, and you can focus on registering your machine in a new state.

Racing or Driving Slowly – Know Which One Is Illegal in North Carolina

North Carolinians are no strangers to some odd regulations. After all, this is the location where it is illegal to sing off-key and serve alcohol at the bingo game. There are plenty of archaic rules, and some of them are traffic-related. One of those is a regulation that states that it’s illegal to drive too slowly. Speed limits are there to keep those that drive too fast as well as those that are too slow.

vehicle panel cluster
Being too slow on the highway can get you in trouble in NC

New York State Might Be Progressive, but Its Laws Are Not

Since there are about 4.9 million private and commercial vehicles in New York, being on the road and avoiding traffic jams can be tricky on its own. Throw in some strange regulations, and driving in New York becomes almost impossible for newcomers. To avoid flipping out every time you sit behind the wheel, get to know every strange traffic rule here:

Don’t change your clothes in your auto if you are in Sag Harbor.
When the traffic light is red, you are forbidden from turning right, and you have to wait for the light to change.
In NYC, finding a parking spot can be tricky enough on its own. However, there is also a regulation that forbids you from parking near fire hydrants and crosswalks. You have to be at least fifteen feet away. Keep this in mind the next time you park if you want to avoid being towed.

Busy NYC streets
Traffic in NY is pretty hectic on its own without adding strange regulations

Michigan Has Some Strange Regulations That Can Get You in Trouble

Michigan has the second largest coastline in the US, right after Alaska. It is a location rich with natural beauty, there are more than 100 parks and 11,000 inland lakes, so if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the place for you. However, before you sit behind the wheel and start cruising around discovering the breathtaking scenery, you should brush up on your knowledge of traffic regulations:

  • If you want to buy a used car or a new one in Michigan, avoid doing it on Sunday because it is forbidden,
  • Another traffic-related regulation forbids you from sitting in the middle of the roadway and reading a newspaper,
  • You could have sex in the parked auto only if you parked it in your own driveway.

When you get to know every illegal activity, consider learning how to open frozen car doors because the winters here can get brutal, especially in the northern parts. Make sure you stock up on caps, gloves, and long boots because you will need them to overcome the driving stress you might feel while being on the road in the winter.

White Sedan on a snow-covered roadway
Get ready for Michigan roads by learning about regulations

It Can Take Some Time to Get Used to Regulations in Florida

Over the past 175 years, Florida passed some questionable and odd legislation. Maybe some of them made sense at the time, but now they only serve to confuse residents. If you are relocating to Florida, make sure you check out all bizarre traffic regulations:

  • You can’t keep unused or unlicensed cars on your property in Cape Coral. This was probably passed so that owners would quickly get rid of totaled autos,
  • It is forbidden to park at the edge of a curb or in an intersection in Florida,
  • It is also illegal to park on the grave,
  • Here you can pay a fine for being too slow just like in NC.
Miami highway
Be careful where you park in Florida

Many Things Are Not Allowed in South and North Dakota

If relocating to the Upper Midwest of the US is something you want for yourself, settling in North or South Dakota might be the best solution. These states are sparsely populated, meaning that the traffic on the highways won’t be too much of a problem. However, some strange traffic rules might give you a run for your money.

If you choose to move to South Dakota, know that wearing a headset while operating a vehicle is completely okay, and you can talk on your phone as well. If you are a huge fan of camping, you can also pull both boat and camper behind you. As long as they don’t exceed 75 feet in length.

Being a North Dakota resident means that you should stay away from pennies when paying automatic parking ticket machine. The law states you are allowed to pay with any other currency besides pennies. Also, be careful when buying car parts because owning “chop shops” is illegal.

Be careful when buying auto parts

Pennsylvania Has Some Wacky Rules for Drivers

Relocating to Pennsylvania comes with many benefits, from abundant job opportunities to low cost of living. Also, if you are a driver, you’ll be settling in the location with the fifth-largest state highway system in the country. Being behind the wheel and cruising around will be a pleasure. However, Pennsylvania has some strange regulations you should be aware of before you hit the road:

  • If you see a team of horses, you need to pull off the road, cover your vehicle with a blanket that blends in with the scenery and wait for animals to pass.
  • Motorists also are required to stop every mile if they are cruising the roadways at night and send up a signal. They also must wait at least 10 minutes for livestock to clear before they drive away.
  • Pennsylvania is another location where four-wheelers can’t be sold on Sunday.
sheep crossing the road
When living in Pennsylvania, watch out for cattle crossing the street

Don’t Be Afraid to Ship Your Car When You Are Moving

The US has some pretty strange regulations, but don’t let that deter you from bringing your car with you to a new location. For example, driving in Seattle will be a completely different experience from operating around the streets of Chicago. All you have to do is learn how to stay away from the trouble.

That’s why when you are planning a move, give a professional car shipping company a call and let it transport your machine to the desired spot. If you are busy, you can use door-to-door auto transport, but you can opt for a terminal to terminal car shipping and save up if you have a flexible schedule. Also, depending on the type of machine you have, you can opt for open carriers, or if you have some luxurious machine, you can use an enclosed auto transport option. No matter how you ship your car, as long as you know the law, you’ll enjoy a trouble-free ride.

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