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Bizarre Driving Laws in the USA

We cannot imagine the world without cars. Nowadays almost everyone owns a car and driving is a part of our lives. We do day in and day out, morning or evening. People drive cars around the city when they are going to work, to buy groceries, to pick up their kids from school and for so many other reasons. Vehicles do make our lives slightly easier. However, it is amazing that people haven’t wreaked havoc yet on the streets since traffic jams and reckless drivers are a daily occurrence. Something prevents us from going berserk on the roads, and we have one word for you – laws.

While laws regulate traffic and everything else in every existent country, there are some laws which are truly bizarre. How do people think of such laws, we have no idea. They exist, and USA Auto Transport presents some of the craziest ones in states all over America.


While Alabama is a wonderful state to drive your car, they are not open to adventures for those people who sit behind the wheel of a car. If you ever thought that it would be cool to drive blindfolded, you would have to do it in some other state to avoid penalty. It is illegal to drive blindfolded in Alabama, and if you do, you will get a ticket. Of course, considering you survive your little endeavor first.


There are some crazy laws all over California and if you ever find yourself driving in Eureka, don’t use a road as a bed. Even though this may be an appealing thing to do because the roads in this place look comfortable, try to divert yourself from such an action. Meanwhile, officials in Chico, California used the power of the written word to prevent people from planting rutabagas in roadways!


Another state worth mentioning is Kansas. For example, in Derby, you want to avoid screeching your tires, because you will end up behind bars for a month! There is another city with the law as crazy as this one – Topeka. If you ever considered transporting dead poultry along Kansas Avenue, you would be breaking the law! You must transport dead poultry elsewhere!


Despite the contrary belief, there are bizarre laws outside Massachusetts. Yet, this state is filled with hilarious laws which are not related to traffic only. However, since our focus is driving and cars, we will mention one law, which is the most ludicrous law you will ever read. When you arrive in Massachusetts, you should know that it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a gorilla in the backseat. Guess that you and your gorilla pet have to stay away from Boston.


Truck drivers, beware! You cannot drive a truck that leaves mud, dirt or sticky substances on the road because you would disturb peace and safety of the town of Minnetonka. Luckily, it never rains here.

South Carolina

The officials in South Carolina have rat problems, which is why it is illegal to leave trash in your car. While this is common sense, it is also a law here.
The good thing is that none of these states has any crazy laws about car shipping. If you need to transport your car, contact USA Auto Transport for more information!