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What to Do in Case
of a Stolen Car

We know the love many car owners have for their precious vehicles. One of the worst things that can happen is having your car stolen. Many are unsure what to do in case of a stolen car. We are here to provide some steps to take in such a scenario. Unpleasant events happen every day all over the country, and while nobody wants their car to get stolen, it is not a choice. It simply happens, and sometimes you cannot do anything to prevent it. However, there are some things you need to do in such an event and these things are essential. USA Auto Transport provides the list of things you need to do if your car gets stolen and hopefully, you will never have to make use of them.
What to do in case of a stolen car
What to do in case of a stolen car

Check If Your Car is Really Stolen

In the first few minutes of finding your car missing, things tend to get stressful. Your mind begins to race. The heart quickens and the age-old question “How could this happen to me?” crosses your mind. You are panicking, looking around you, and the cold sweat trickles down your cheeks. You need to make sure that your vehicle has actually been stolen. This may sound ridiculous, but it is not. Sometimes, you can miscalculate, and it turns out that you have parked one block away or one level up in the parking garage. Remembering where you parked your car can be confusing, especially in large cities. Something else that could have happened is that your car has been towed. Try calling the local towing service and asking if your car is in their possession.
Check if your car is really stolen
Check if your car is really stolen

Calm Down

Once you have taken the time to call the appropriate towing services, checked if you are on the right location and have confirmed that the car has been stolen, you can proceed to the next step. But before you do that, you need to calm down. Panic will be at its highest at this point, and though it feels like you are doing the right thing, you are definitely not thinking things through properly. Breathe in and out, take a few seconds, sit down and then…
Take a deep breath and try to calm down
Take a deep breath and try to calm down

Call the police

The police should be the first call you make. The sooner you contact the police and inform them of your situation, the chances that they will recover your vehicle will go up. Calling them is just the beginning of the recovery process, and you will need to fill out some forms in which you describe your vehicle. Make sure that you give as much information as possible because you will make it easier for them to find your car. Information such as the type of car, the color of the car and the registration are important. You will need the police report for your insurance claim, which is why it is essential to make a copy.
Police cruiser on patrol
Police cruiser on patrol

Contact Your Car Insurance

It is essential to report your car stolen no matter what type of auto insurance you have. They need to know that the vehicle is no longer in your possession. Having the report documented in their records can come in handy if the vehicle experiences any damages while not in your possession. Further action depends on your car insurance, but there are several options. This is what you will need to check with your insurance agency. When on the phone to them, do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding their procedures.
Contact your car insurance
Contact your car insurance

Report the Theft to the DMV

The DMV keeps track of all of the stolen vehicles, so you might want to report that your car is stolen. Also, they can be helpful since they are working together with the police to recover your four-wheeled companion.
Not all areas will have good reception
Report the theft to your DMV

Do Some Things by Yourself

The feeling of helplessness will be the biggest issue after the proper steps have been taken. A remedy to this is taking some matters into your own hands. The person responsible for taking your car will probably try to get rid of it in one way or the other. There are numerous sites that the vehicle can pop up on, and keeping an eye on them can take the feeling of helplessness away. While checking these sites you can check various websites where people sell their cars. There is always a chance that your vehicle appears there. Don’t keep your hopes high, though, but it is worth a shot.
    Stay positive and remember to hope for the best

    Hope for the Best

    By this point, you have done everything in your power to recover your vehicle. You can only hope that the police will manage to find your car! The most important thing that you can possibly do now is to keep yourself positive and upbeat. Letting tragedies, such as a stolen car, ruin your happiness for a longer period of time will not only bring you down but will not help in returning the vehicle. Make sure that it is a learning experience, know what actions lead to your car being targeted and what steps to take to prevent such occurrences in the future. USA Auto Transport hopes that these tips are useful to you. 
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