6 Reasons You’ll Need a Car If You’re Moving to the Suburbs

June 24, 2022Car Tips and Tricks
Daisy Wilson

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Affordable housing, large space, and fresh air are just some of the reasons so many millennials have decided to relocate from big cities. If moving to the suburbs is something you think about, take a look at some of the major reasons why this move will not be possible without car shipping.

No matter what your reasons for moving are, you will have to adjust to suburban living fast. Even if you have lived in the best US cities for driving and you’re used to driving a lot, the need for it will be even greater in suburbia. But a lot of time behind the wheel is not the only reason why you should ship your car – take a look at some of them.

Why Is Moving to the Suburbs With a Car Such a Good Idea?

No matter if you are relocating to a new state or a city within your state, auto transport should be something that you need to consider when relocating to suburbia. That’s mostly because there will probably be a pretty unreliable public transportation system, if any at all, meaning everything you need to do on a daily basis needs to be done by car. But moving from the city to the suburbs will bring so many benefits and will most definitely change the way you look at driving and cars in general.



Book a Car Shipping Company to Deliver Your Car to Your Doorstep

Before we get into the reasons why you should hire an auto transport company to ship your car, let’s talk about what to look out for when searching and selecting a car shipping service to use when relocating from bustling cities. For starters, you need to pick a company that can offer you all the services you need, meaning they can transport luxurious cars as well as standard family cars. So search for a company that has both open and enclosed auto transport.

Another more important thing to look for is the type of pick up and delivery they offer. There is usually a terminal-to-terminal car shipping and door-to-door option. If you are relocating to a big city, a terminal-to-terminal option will be ok to pick, but if your suburbia is far from an urban area, the best option is to take the door-to-door auto transport, which means the company will deliver your car to your home. This way, you will not have to worry about finding a ride to the nearest terminal to pick up your car.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Reason No 1: You Will Have a Huge House and Space for More Than One Car

What to know about moving to the suburbs? Well, one of the biggest things you need to learn before you book open trailer services is that in the suburbia, you will finally have a place with a garage or parking space where you will be able to park your vehicle(s). All homes are usually designed to have a parking lot, attached or detached garages.

All this sounds great, but you probably wonder what are the disadvantages of living in the suburbs. Well, for starters, going around without a car will be difficult since there is no public transportation and most amenities are farther from settlements. But you will be surrounded by wide streets and plenty of space so driving around will be fun and easy.

Affordable Spacious Houses Are One More Plus

If you wonder what drives the move to the suburbs from cities or ask yourself, “should I buy in the city or suburbs,” you can stop now. Affordable housing is one of the primary reasons why are millennials moving to the suburbs. You will not have to worry about how to make an apartment feel like home or, God forbid, about downsizing for the move, because if suburbia offers something, it’s big, spacey houses for a really affordable price.

Finally, you will be able to buy a home you have always dreamed of and decorate it the way you always wanted. You will be able to pack all your furniture and purchase even more. Even if you plan to live on your own, buying real estate will not feel like a waste of money but actually a good investment.

Note that prices are currently on the rise, so if you plan to have real estate in the future, now is the right time for some house hunting.

Moving to the Suburbs Does Not Only Comes With a Huge House but a Huge Garage as Well

No matter where you decide to move, one thing is for sure – you will get a garage if you buy a single-family house. As you know, garages are usually made to fit more than one vehicle (the entire family fleet can be parked inside) and can be used as storage areas as well.

Your prospective real estate will probably come with a yard as well. If you are relocating with kids, they will probably spend the most time in that yard playing around in the fresh air. The same goes if you are relocating with pets – having green grass at their disposal at all times will be heaven.

On the other hand, if you buy a townhouse, you will probably have a parking lot and a small yard with a lot of storage space behind.

Cars parked along the way
Forget about crowded parking lots - in suburbia, there will be plenty of room for everyone

Reason No 2: Plenty of Outdoor Activities Within Your Grasp

Garage and yard are not the only reasons why you should hire a USA auto transport company for car shipping, but there are plenty of fun activities you can do with ease. We all like our weekends and what is a better way to spend the weekend than with your friends and family doing something fun. One of the main reasons why do people move to the suburbs is that they will have more time to spend with their family. And why is this so?

Well, driving in an urban area is one thing, and once you decide to go somewhere, changing the plan can be quite difficult. When you relocate to suburbia, you will be able to drive a lot more and to many different places. So when you decide to go somewhere, you will be able to arrange and do that instantly without worrying about traffic or packed places where you need to make a reservation first.

Reason No 3: Shopping Will Be Done Only With Your Car

Forget about small shops you can walk to – when you move to the suburbs you will have to drive to markets. And this is usually a great thing that will save you a lot of money. For starters, you will cook more and buy groceries for the week or month. This way, you will eat healthier and be able to buy products on sale in larger quantities. Of course, depending on where you live, it can happen that your real estate is near some big store. Still, shopping in suburbia is done by car in most cases.

parking permit zone
Why you shouldn't move to the suburbs? Only if you're a fan of traffic jams and hours-long circling in search of a place to park

Reason No 4: Think About All the Nature and Healthy Environment Around You Once You Leave the City

Are you wondering is it worth it to move to the suburbs or why you shouldn’t move to the suburbs? Well, the beautiful nature that will be all around you or just a couple of miles away is one of the best and healthier reasons people decide to relocate to suburbia. So if you suffer from pollution-caused allergies, you shouldn’t be worried one bit. Here you will finally breathe again. That is, if you are not allergic to pollen. But even if you are, this will be a seasonal allergy.

Once you relocate to suburbia, you will see the true benefits of car shipping, especially if you are the outdoorsy type. Going to nature and exploring beautiful hike trails will be much more accessible once you relocate to suburbia. And to be fair, this is one of the top reasons why so many people are driven to relocate.

Smiling friends hiking with backpacks in woods
You will see new healthy ways to live your life

Reason No 5: Suburban Cost of Living Will Dazzle You, and Car Will Not Be Such a Burden

What to consider when moving to the suburbs? Well, the low cost of living should come into consideration. Usually, all suburban areas of big or small cities are more affordable, from housing and groceries to dining in a restaurant. Even the mortgage rates are following the same trend. So owning a car will no longer be such a burden.

And who knows, maybe with time you will be able to afford some of the most expensive cars in the world? Owning a car will easily fit into your monthly budget and life. And if you reap another benefit of relocating to suburbia and keep the old job with the same salary while working from home, you will save so much money. Then, fun family road trips and getting familiar with some of the most famous routes in the USA will no longer be just a dream. And if you prefer to buy used cars over newly-made ones, take some tips for buying a used car from a man who knows what he’s talking about.

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Reason No 6: There Will Be No Stress About Traffic

Imagine a world where you tell someone you will be there in minutes, and you actually arrive on time. If your previous experience was driving in LA or, even worse, in New York City, this statement probably sounds like crazy talk. Well, once you relocate to the suburban part of the city, you will see how fast you can go pretty far. The 30 minutes ride will take you miles away, and you will be able to explore much more. Let’s be fair, there will be traffic from time to time, but this jam will not be not even close to the ones you will experience in big cities.

You Will Always Have Where to Park

Once you hire your movers for moving services and you finally settle in your town of choice, you will soon realize what it is like to drive around town without worrying about whether or not you will have a place to park. Aside from the fact there will be no traffic jams, all malls, shopping centers, restaurants, and even bars always come with a large parking space in front.

So you will not have to worry about navigating your car through small crowded streets because there will be a lot of parking spaces for you to choose from.

Times Square
Traffic and air pollution will be a past, and you will drive more

Things to Consider When Car Shipping to Another State

Even though transportation of your car from one state to another couldn’t be simpler than hiring a car shipping company, there are some things you need to consider and do after you relocate. For example, you will have to pay a visit to the DMV and your insurance company. Also, you will have to prepare your car for shipping, remove most of the gas from the car, and take some pictures for the auto transport company. Here are things you need to do before and after relocation regarding your vehicle:

  • Change of plates,
  • Change of address on your driver’s license,
  • Change of car insurance,
  • If you’re paying off the car, inform your bank about the move.

Once You Leave the City, You Will Start Loving to Drive Again

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should ship your vehicle with you. Your car will become your extended hand or, if you wish, your second home from driving to shopping to picking up your kids from school. Driving in suburban parts will be an inevitable and overall fun thing to do. There will not be road rage, traffic jams, or lack of space to park. There you will learn to love to drive again.

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