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Which Car Shipping Services Should You Choose?

You are moving to another state, and you need to ship your car. You have already decided to find a car shipping company since long-distance driving is not going to pay off. Car shipping companies offer various services, but how do you know which ones are the right for you? USA Auto Transport will break it down for you and help you choose the suitable services.

Auto Transport Enclosed Trailer, Sports car

Open auto transport

The most common way of shipping cars is an open auto transport. What that means is that open trailers are used, and several automobiles can be transported at once. The open auto transport is an excellent way to ship your car because it is cost-effective, plus it provides decent protection. The downside of the open auto shipping is that you four-wheeled friend cannot be protected from the weather conditions and in case of rain or dusty road, there is a good chance that your car arrives dirty.

When should you select open auto transport?

This is an excellent option if you are transporting a used car. So, if you have had an older vehicle, this is the best choice because you will save money and your vehicle will arrive safely and efficiently.

Enclosed auto transport

On the other hand, car shipping companies provide enclosed auto transport as an alternative. In this case, your vehicle will be adequately protected, and you don’t have to worry about its safety and poor weather. Even though this sounds like a tempting option, you should think twice before you select enclosed auto transport because it is expensive. However, if you want to put your mind at ease, perhaps you should pay extra and escape the worries.

When should you select enclosed auto transport?

There are a lot of cases when enclosed trailers are a preferred option. For instance, if you are moving a classic vehicle, which is a collectible, or if you have just bought an expensive, luxurious model, which needs to be shipped to another location. Paying extra money is worth it!

Terminal-to-terminal shipping

Another term you will hear when you call car shipping companies is terminal-to-terminal shipping. But what does that mean? Usually, companies which are in the moving industry have their terminals across the country, and they are going to pick up your car from a terminal and deliver it to one. Thus, you will have to drive your vehicle to the terminal for the pickup and get it when it is delivered. Even though this seems like too much work, terminal-to-terminal shipping is a common choice because it is inexpensive. But if you are still not convinced, you can select…

Door-to-door shipping

This is an excellent solution for people who are busy and who do not have time to deal with picking up their cars at terminals. Although more expensive, door-to-door shipping will save you time, but you should know that door-to-door shipping is not always an option. Sometimes, your house may be located on a steep terrain or in the narrow, winding streets, which makes it unable for the carrier to approach. In that case, you will have to go with the alternative, and that is terminal-to-terminal.
Hopefully, the information provided above will help you select the appropriate moving services. If you want your car shipped safely and efficiently, call USA Auto Transport!