Which Car Shipping Services Should You Choose?

July 20, 2018Car Shipping Essentials
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If you’re in the market for auto transport services, it can be difficult to determine which car shipping company is right for you. There is a number of car shipping providers out there, each with their own unique set of services and prices. So how to know which car shipping service should you choose? In this blog post, we’ll outline the different types of car shipping services available, as well as some factors to consider when making your decision.

Why Should You Use Auto Shipping Services in the First Place?

Thinking about car shipping can be pretty daunting, but it is absolutely worth the effort. However, you need to know that you are making the safest, most effective, and affordable decisions for getting your automobile from point A to B. That’s where hiring professionals comes in handy. Using an auto transport team rather than driving your vehicle comes with many benefits.

We are well aware that it’s not always easy to decide whether or not to transport a car. This is especially true when sending four-wheelers over large distances. But just imagine being stuck on the road for a long time. You’ll not only spend a huge amount of money on gas, and toll road costs but also on food and hotels (because let’s face it, you’ll need to rest at one point).

With that in mind, selecting the best auto shipping company is the simplest and most efficient solution.

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Which Car Shipping Services Should You Choose? Open Trailers Are the Most Affordable Answer

Shipping a four-wheeler cross country in a truck with an open carrier is the most popular approach. However, if you’ve never utilized this kind of transportation before, you’re undoubtedly wondering what open transportation entails. Your car will be transported on a long, two-level hauler that can accommodate up to ten vehicles. There are no walls or solid floors in this style of trailer. It’s utilized to transport a wide range of the best cars for city driving and the best vehicles for women.

What attracts people to this type of service is the fact that it is cheaper than enclosed auto transport, and you can track your shipment online. There is more space for your car to move around, which reduces the risk of damage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is in good hands.

When Should You Select Open Auto Transport?

This is an excellent option if you are transporting a used car. So, if you have had an older vehicle, this is the best choice because you will save money and your four-wheeler will arrive safely. It is also a great option if you have more than one machine because open trailers can fit more cars than enclosed ones.

Overall you can use open trailers no matter the season because experienced drives will ensure that your machine arrives at the desired destination without a scratch. Furthermore, a reputable company will offer you an insurance policy that will give you peace of mind, in case something unpredictable happens.

Enclosed Trailers Are for More Luxurious Machines

You’ll be torn between open and enclosed trailers when making a decision. Enclosed auto transport is a great way to protect your luxury car during transport. The car is enclosed in a trailer or truck and is not exposed to the elements. This is a great option for cars that are expensive or have a high value.

Furthermore, loading and unloading are both safe and easy with a lift gate that comes with enclosed trailers. Lifts are handier than ramps in most cases, especially when loading a low-profile or custom car. Aside from that, we utilize wheel restraints to keep the automobile in place for the duration of the voyage.

How Much Does Enclosed Car Shipping Cost?

Do you want to know how much reputable carriers cost? You are not alone, and this is an extremely important question. It’s a big matter to entrust your car to someone else, especially if you’re paying a lot for its services. You want to know that your vehicle is in capable hands. The cost of this mode of transportation is higher than that of an open trailer, but for good cause. It gives your four-wheeler extra protection but since it can fit fewer cars it costs a bit extra.

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Enclosed trailers are great for more expensive cars

You Can Choose Different Types of Pick up and Delivery Options

Besides the two types of trailers, most companies offer you most of the time can choose between door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping. Choosing the first or the second one will depend on your needs, schedule, or budget. If a company offers both, don’t hesitate to ask questions, because using these services can save you a lot of time in the long run and can make the shipping that much more pleasant.

Consider Terminal-To-Terminal Shipping

Another term you will hear when you call car shipping companies is terminal-to-terminal shipping. But what does that mean? Usually, companies that are in the moving industry have their terminals across the country, and they are going to pick up your car from a terminal and deliver it to one. Thus, you will have to drive your vehicle to the terminal for the pickup and get it when it is delivered. Even though this seems like too much work, terminal-to-terminal shipping is a common choice because it is inexpensive.

People With Busy Schedules Prefer Door-To-Door Shipping

This is an excellent solution for people who are busy and who do not have time to deal with picking up their cars at terminals. Although more expensive, door-to-door shipping will save you time, but you should know that door-to-door shipping is not always an option. Sometimes, your house may be located on steep terrain or on narrow, winding streets, which makes it unable for the carrier to approach. In that case, you will have to go with the alternative, and that is terminal-to-terminal.

USA Auto Transport
Pick between these two pick up and delivery options and make shipping more pleasant

In the End, the Decision Will Solely Depend on Your Needs

When it comes to car shipping, there are a few different options to choose from as we said in the blog. The important thing is that the decision will depend solely on you and your needs, budget, and free time. Open trailers and terminal to terminal are more affordable options that people with regular cars use, while enclosed trailers and door-to-door delivery are a bit more expensive. But whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong when you hire a reputable car shipping company.

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