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How to select the right auto shipping company?

Moves from the states located on the west coast to the ones on the east coast are common in the USA. These are considered to be complicated since you need to cover a lot of mileage to reach your new city, but any cross-country relocation is tricky. What makes it even more difficult is when you need to ship your vehicle as well. When moving a car, you have three options – to drive the car yourself, have someone else drive it for you, or hire a car shipping company to get the job done. The third option is the most effective one, but how do you know which moving company is the right for you?

Explore the options

The first thing you should do is check out which companies exist and learn about them. You can browse the web and find a lot of car shipping companies quickly. Make a list of companies you like and narrow it down by circling the ones you find attractive and reliable. If you know someone who has shipped a car before, make sure you contact them and get the much-needed information or ask that person to tell you which company they hired.

Get a quote

Now that you have narrowed it down, and you are sure that the companies are dependable, you need to compare the prices. Call several companies and ask for a free price estimate or a flat price if that is an option. Once you get 4-5 quotes, you will have a clearer idea of how much the company plans to charge you for their services. Note that a quote is not an exact price of the relocation!

Make sure they are not scammers

You cannot entrust your vehicle to just anyone, and you need to check if the company is registered and licensed. Carefully read the reviews left by the other clients and feel free to ask the company about the license. Once you have established that, you are good to go!

Useful Car Shipping Advice

Ask questions

Remember that a car shipping company is here for you, so don’t hesitate to voice any concerns you have. Some of the most important questions you should ask are:

• How long does the entire car shipping process take?
• Do you offer open and enclosed trailers and what is the difference?
• How can I schedule the pickup?
• What are the delivery options?

Only by knowing the answers to these can you ensure a stress-free car shipping process.

Know the terms of conditions

Before you sign a contract, you should know the terms and conditions well. Read carefully and check out the insurance you are offered. All car shipping companies will provide coverage in case something unplanned happens to your vehicle, but you can get third-party insurance as well!
Now that you know how to find a reliable car shipping company, you can transport your vehicle and be confident that it is in secure hands! Call USA Auto Transport today and schedule your pickup date! We are looking forward to hearing from you!