How to Pack Furniture for Moving

March 27, 2022Moving Tips
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Have you decided to change your home address? If that is the case, you will have to think about how to pack furniture for moving. Naturally, it may seem frightening when you see that you have to move your big sofa or a cabinet. There is a risk of both injuring yourself and damaging your possessions. However, the very purpose of this article is to teach how to minimize physical effort and relocate your large household possessions in a safe manner.

Knowing How to Pack Furniture for Moving Is Important – Strength Is Not the Main Factor

When relocating to a new state, there is no reason to leave your cherished sofa behind, especially if you have a limited relocating budget. Taking your household possessions with you, particularly the bigger ones, will save you a lot of money. However, you have to know appropriate methods to move everything safely. This article will provide relocating tips on the following things:

Keep in mind that you can always hire professional movers. If you have experience with car shipping, you know that there are two options: door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. Well, when hiring a qualified cross-country moving company to relocate your possessions, everything will be done in a door-to-door fashion.


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When Packing Your Household Possessions, You Need to Wrap Everything

Are you wondering how to protect furniture when moving? The answer is protective materials. You will certainly have to spend some time wrapping furniture for moving. Transporting your household possessions is not as straightforward as relocating your car with an enclosed auto transport service or an open trailer. Possessions have to pass through different stages of relocation.

When relocating out of state, the items will have to go through disassembling and assembling, packing, loading and unloading, and storing if necessary. In each and every phase, there is a danger of damaging something. You will especially want to protect possessions in storage units.

This is where protective equipment comes into play. Here is a list of relocating essentials that you will definitely need to use:

  • Relocating blankets, bubble wrap, and protective paper,
  • Plastic bags,
  • Tape and scissors,
  • Stickers and markers.

How Do You Pack Heavy Furniture? Always First Dismantle Every Removable Part

If you are relocating out for the first time, this is one of the most important tips to follow. The aim is to avoid heavy lifting as much as possible as there is a high risk of serious injuries. Luckily, most of your larger home objects can be dismantled. Most likely, there is an instruction manual included with the item. But, if that is not the case, don’t hesitate to ask professional movers for advice or even someone from a car shipping company. Any tips are welcome in this situation.

Don’t Wrap All Your Items Immediately When Moving Furniture

Although a slight digression from the main topic, it is, nevertheless, an important thing to consider when organizing for a move. Your home will be filled with things that you do not use anymore. Therefore, knowing what to get rid of when relocating is important. You will be able to save money for relocation by doing so. If these objects are in decent condition, you can consider selling or donating them.

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How Do You Pack Wood Furniture for Moving? You Have to Protect Wooden Items

Wooden pieces are delicate, and if something happens during transportation, repairing damages can be quite expensive. Therefore, you should protect these pieces as if you were packing fragile items. Of course, before anything is done, first disassemble all removable parts, and wooden objects can often be easily dismantled.

Each piece will have to be carefully covered with a relocating blanket and then with a layer of bubble wrap. This should provide enough protection against any potential bumps during transportation. Finally, make sure to fix everything tightly with plastic tape. But, be extremely careful when applying the tape. It should never go directly on the wood.

Make Sure That the Upholstery of Your Sofa Is Fully Protected

Sofas can usually be completely dismantled, which makes them rather easy for transportation. However, you have to be extra careful with the upholstered parts. The fabric can easily be torn once it has been loaded onto a truck. Upholstery should first be covered with bubble wrap and then with relocating blankets. Finally, everything should be secured with plastic tape.

Use Separate Containers for Smaller Dismantled Parts

When disassembling a wooden object, there will be a lot of bolts, screws, handles, and knobs. It is best to place these smaller pieces in separate containers like plastic bags. For every object, designate a plastic bag. In this way, when unpacking after relocation, the assembling will go much smoother. Finally, do not forget to label every bag and seal with additional tape if needed.

A covered sofa and boxes prepared for relocation
Dismantle all removable parts and cover everything meticulously

Parts Made of Glass Require Extra Attention

If you have a tabletop made of glass, or you have dismantled some cabinet doors that have glass windows, these parts will have to be carefully secured for transportation. The same rules apply here as well – cover everything with several layers of bubble wrap and then with blankets. Make sure that everything is fixed before loading onto a truck.

However, there is one extra safety measure that can be performed here. You can buy corrugated cardboard sheets and make a container that fits the dimensions of the glass object. This is especially recommended for larger objects like tabletops. Corrugated cardboard is quite thick and durable, which is ideal for transportation with a truck.

How Do You Pack Furniture for Cargo? There Are Certain Methods That You Should Be Aware Of

Loading everything randomly into the back of your truck is not a good thing to do. There are certain relocating hacks here that will ensure even greater protection. Above all, it is important to have a good organization when packing for transportation. Let us see some of the most common packing tips:

  • Before you load anything into the trailer, cover the back wall with the largest items. Proceed to load all square parts like tabletops or cabinet boards and place them against side walls or fit them between appliances. This will provide extra cushioning. Of course, all objects should be covered with protective material beforehand.
  • Always place some cloth like bed linen on the floor if you are relocating a mattress. Trailers can be quite filthy, and you will most likely have to pay for some deep cleaning service if the mattress is not adequately protected.
  • If you are transporting upholstered pieces, you should look for hooks that are usually present in a trailer. With rope, you can fix any item to these hooks so as not to move during transportation. Upholstery can easily be torn during transport if some collision happens. Therefore, it is best to have these pieces locked in one place.

Do Not Forget About Relocating Tools When Loading and Unloading Heavier Objects

We mentioned that there is a risk of severe injury when relocating such heavy objects. This is no laughing matter. Fortunately, there are relocating tools that facilitate heavy lifting tremendously. You will never see professional movers relocate any large items without proper equipment. Here is a list of tools that you are supposed to use in this situation:

  • Utility dollies – Dollies are basically carts with two or four wheels used for pushing heavier objects or a stack of boxes, for example. This tool is extremely helpful as lifting is completely replaced with pushing, which means that you will be able to preserve your strength considerably. Most importantly, the risk of injuries is much lower when pushing an item.
  • Lifting straps – This is another tool that is commonly used when lifting something heavy. Straps are placed underneath an object, and then the ends are put across shoulders. In this way, you are going to use your entire body when lifting commences. However, keep in mind that two people are needed for straps.
  • Sliders – Lifting should always be replaced with pushing when there is a chance. Sliders are pads usually made of rubber that are placed underneath the object. With them, you can easily push anything across any surface.
  • Ramps – Do not forget about ramps. Whether you are pushing with dollies or sliders, you have to place ramps across doorsteps, staircases, and in front of the trailer. Imagine having to lift a heavy armchair over each doorstep and then carry it down the stairs. This sounds ridiculous, but if you do not place ramps, then you’ll end up in that very situation.

Bear in mind that there is no need to purchase these tools. You can visit your local storage facilities and rent them. Here is a useful video on how to use a utility dolly on stairs.

YouTube video

There Are Things That You Should Avoid Doing in This Situation

We should always learn from past experiences, and when it comes to transporting your household possessions, there are many relocating mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Let us see what the most common mistakes in this situation are:

  • If you have used the services of a USA auto transport company, then before shipping, the car was certainly thoroughly cleaned. Well, the same should be applied to your household objects as well. First of all, a dirty sofa is an item that movers will not move, and there are many reasons for that. So, we urge you to clean your objects as if you were preparing your vehicle for an auto transport company.
  • Always measure the space through which these objects will pass. Imagine you have arrived at your new home only to find out that your beloved chest of drawers cannot pass through the door. Therefore, know what the dimensions of all entries are.
  • Do not leave anything unprotected. We understand that there are situations where you have to work under a tight schedule, but looking for shortcuts is not a sensible thing to do here. Be generous with protective materials, and cover everything fully.

When Relocating Heavy Objects, Help Is Necessary

Whether movers are essential workers or not will always be open to debate. Nonetheless, help is needed, and you can either call professionals or your friends. If you deem qualified help unnecessary, then keep in touch with your friends and ask them for assistance once the relocation starts. As we have mentioned, even the tools require an extra pair of hands, and it is always good to have someone beside you if something undesirable happens.

A man and woman lifting a turquoise sofa
You will need assistance when relocating heavier objects

Take All Tips From This Article Seriously When Relocating

What is the easiest way to transport furniture? Well, this task is never easy, but with the right advice, you can make your life much easier. If you have decided to do everything just with the help of your friends, then be extremely cautious. Know that you are putting yourself at risk of severe injuries. Therefore, if you have the means, always consider hiring professional assistance.

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