How to Pack a TV for Moving Long Distance

November 19, 2021Moving Tips
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How to pack a TV for moving with ease and without any damages? This task might seem like a piece of cake, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than you’ve thought. However, it’s still doable if you follow the right guide. If you decide to pack by yourself, read our tips and move your TVs with ease.

Learning how to organize packing to move is definitely the most boring but also the most important part of relocating to a new state. If television is one of your relocation essentials, you must figure out how to pack a TV and move it without any damage. We’re here to help you out with that. After all, you need to have where to watch your favorite TV shows about cars.

Why Is Learning How to Pack a TV for Moving More Complicated Than People Think?

Unlike the older bulky TVs, the equipment we buy nowadays is much more delicate and sensitive when it comes to transport. Our wide and thin flat screens ask for much more skill and attention to be packed and protected, unlike old TVs. That’s why it’s worth learning all the relocation tips there are – you’ll keep your device safe and avoid paying for repairs as soon as you move in. Needless to say, you’ll have much more important things to do then than to look for a good repair service.



Find Your Favorite Method and Learn How to Pack a TV for Moving

When it comes to packing, it’s all about choosing the right method and staying organized. If you wish to learn how to organize your relocation and to move efficiently, you should figure out which guide you want to follow and stick to it. The quality packaging method is one of the most effective ways to protect items in storage units, and it will definitely simplify your process of learning how to unpack after moving.

Also, if you decide to package everything by yourself and you do it well, you’ll be prepared for movers and speed up the whole process of relocating. Read as many tips for efficient packaging and prepare yourself for this demanding and time-consuming task.

A happy man holding a box
Organized and neat packaging will significantly improve your overall experience of relocating to another state, regardless of how much experience you have with it

How to Pack a Television for Moving? It All Starts With Getting All the Supplies

If you want to have the most efficient packaging process, you must learn how to pack TV for moving, see what supplies you need, and get them on time. It’s also crucial to have the right amount of everything so that you don’t end up with empty hands and unpacked household items. The list of packing materials you’ll need isn’t long, but the supplies should be high-quality since they must protect a delicate device. You should get:

  • Relocation blankets,
  • Tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • A screwdriver,
  • A sturdy package with enough space.

You can get all of the above from Amazon, Walmart, Costco, or some other store. Before you go on a shopping spree, be sure to measure your electronic device and memorize or write the measurements down.

It’s Best to Have the Original Package of Your Television Before You Learn How to Move a TV

The ideal method of transporting your breakable electronic device is to ship it in its original package. These boxes have everything to keep your device safe, including the styrofoam sections that protect every part of the TVs. If you saved that box in your garage or basement, you’re the winner of this story. Just place the device in its styrofoam corner protectors and tape the package well.

What to Do If You Don’t Want to Buy Packing Supplies?

There are numerous ways to save on moving costs, and don’t spend too much money on new packaging supplies if that doesn’t fit your relocation budget. Just check out the alternatives for the supplies you need and take some time to find them. For example, you can use soft clothes or the blankets you already have instead of buying relocation blankets.

Packing supplies
You're not obligated to buy any packaging materials, but it's always better to have brand-new ones instead of getting used ones

How to Pack TVs for Moving? First, Take Photos of the Device

The first thing on your relocation to-do list should be taking photos of all electronic devices you plan to move. This will help you remember how it was before you unplug your device and prevent the situation in which you take all cables off and forget which cable belongs to which device.

There will probably be a lot of cables, tiny screws, and other parts that have to be reassembled when you move in. Take enough photos or record a video on your phone. When you arrive at your new home, you can just see the photos or video and repeat the process.

Disassembling All Parts Is the Second Part of Knowing How to Move a Flat Screen TV

Now that you’ve photographed your device, it’s time to remove the cords and stand and dismount it. One of the most important moving hacks is to keep all cables, screws, and other small parts in separate ziplock bags and to label them. We know that it’s easy to lose something small when you start packaging every item you own but try not to misplace this.

If you decide not to unplug any cables (or the cables aren’t detachable,) you can just tape them to the back of your device. However, keep in mind that the cords can get damaged that way and that it’s still the best idea to simply unplug everything and secure them with a twist tie.

What to Do If Your TV Is Mounted to the Wall?

Do you know how to unmount your electronic device? Behind the screen, you’ll see the bracket. The television should first be detached from a bracket, and then you can get the right screwdriver and take the bracket off the wall. If the screen is too big, it’s not a bad idea to call someone to give you a hand, since it can be difficult to handle a very large television by yourself.

A man and a woman carrying a TV after getting door to door auto transport
Don't handle large screens alone - call a friend to help you out

Wrap the Electronic Device in a Blanket

Once you remove all the additional parts and cables, spread the blanket and place the screen facing the soft material. Make sure that the whole device is covered on all sides and that you can’t see any part of plastic unprotected. Get the tape and ensure that everything stays put. On top of that, you can put bubble wrap and tape everything again for extra protection.

Stacked relocation blankets at an auto transport company
Relocation blankets offer fantastic protection to all household items you wish to move

Pack the Device in a Box and Don’t Forget the Labeling

If you didn’t manage to find the original packaging, you’d probably have some adapting to do to the box you plan on using. The package you chose should have approximately two inches of space between the device and the walls of the cardboard box. Also, the cardboard must be firm enough to hold the weight of your electronic device. If it doesn’t, try to solidify the corners and walls with some more cardboard and tape.

Make sure there’s no empty space in the package once you put the device inside. Fill it up with more packing materials so that the TV can’t move once you place it inside. Tape the package well on all sides. Once you’re done, don’t forget to label the package. Labeling can be one of the things you forget to do when you move, and it’s also one of the most common relocation mistakes that happen when relocating to a new home. Put a clear label that the package contains a fragile item so that the movers (or somebody else who will carry your belongings) can know how to handle it.

Do You Know How to Move a Flat Screen TV Without a Box?

Without the original package and the right box that’s sturdy and big enough to keep your device protected, you’ll have to improvise. You can use the packing tips we mentioned above and just wrap the device in a relocation blanket and bubble wrap. This is a good idea if you’re not getting auto transport services, so you can place your TV in your back seat and drive it to your destination. On the flip side, if you are considering getting an open trailer or an enclosed auto transport to relocate your car, it might not be the best idea to leave something as fragile and delicate as your flat screen on the back seat.

A happy girl after hiring a car shipping company
If you're left stranded without a suitable package, there's still hope

Now, Your Device is Ready for Cross-Country Transportation

When you covered and protected your device, it’s time to think about the logistics of relocating. In case you opted for renting a truck and relocating your belongings that way, be sure you know how to load sensitive items like this. Leaving it flat isn’t good, so try to transport your device propped up during the whole trip. Otherwise, you might cause damage to the internal workings of your flat screen. Also, make sure what kind of items you’ll place near the TV. There shouldn’t be anything heavy that might fall down and break the screen. Of course, nothing should be placed on top of the package either.

Professional Movers Can Do All of This for You

Another option that you have is to call professionals to do all of this for you. Reputable relocation companies can pack your electronics, including the television, for free, provide you with high-quality boxes, load, and unload everything for you. Once you learn how to check if a relocation company is legitimate and how to avoid the most common relocation scams, hire the company you like best and enjoy your experience. You can also get other services such as car shipping, storage unit, and custom crating. Once professional movers take care of your move, you can rest assured that your electronic device will arrive safely and with no damages.

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