Learn How to Organize Packing to Move in a Few Easy Steps

November 9, 2021Moving Tips
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Moving to another place is a stressful process and sometimes also boring. There are many things you need to do before and after, and for some people, it can be just too overwhelming. However, if you know how to organize packing to move in a fun and easy way, you will already have half the work done. And not only that, you will get the experience to remember.

People move for many reasons. However, when the whole process begins, many regret that decision just because they don’t know how to organize the whole move. Some things can easily slip your mind in the whole chaos of relocation. For example, deciding whether enclosed auto transport is a better solution than the open trailer option for your vehicle. You should also take care of other tasksnotifying everyone about the move, successfully transferring utilities, and changing your address. But, the trickiest part is figuring out how do you pack to move efficiently.

Knowing How to Organize Packing to Move Will Ease the Whole Process Right From the Start

When you decide to move to another state, it will affect your whole life. Your daily routines will change, and you probably won’t have as much time as you used to. That’s why knowing some tips and tricks will help you get through this tedious process. In fact, not only will you get the answer to the question: how do you pack and move in an organized way, but you can have fun with it.

It’s a great way to get creative and make each stage of the wrapping up process less stressful. This is something you just need to think about because having a stress-free relocation should be everyone’s goal.


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Preparations Are Half Work Done – Create a Checklist That Will Keep You Updated

Pre-move preparations are an essential part of this whole process. Only if you prepare everything, you’ll be able to plan every next move and, as a result, have a successful relocation. That’s why you should take some of your time to make a moving to-do list with all the tasks you should do before the move. The anxiety about moving out will reduce to a minimum, and all worries will disappear. With a checklist, you will constantly be able to see your progress, and you won’t worry about a single thing.

So, put on the checklist all the relocation expenses you’ll need from professional movers, like storage facilities or even wrapping up services. That way, you can plan your relocation budget and know if you have enough savings for hiring professional movers. If your financial situation allows you, then you should choose a reliable moving company that will help you.

Decide Will You Hire Professional Movers or You’ll DIY

After putting every task on the list, you realize that professional help would be more than welcomed. In fact, it’s one of the best relocation tips you can get. That being said, you should be aware of how much money you’re going to spend on the relocation costs. These services aren’t free, but if you avoid the moving scams by knowing how to check if a relocation company is legitimate, you will be more than happy to spend that amount of money (around $4,000 for a long-distance move.)

Weight the Necessity of Renting the Storage Facility

Saying goodbye to your old home and some of your stuff is quite difficult. Especially if you count that an average American spends around seven to ten years in one place. It’s quite normal that we get attached to some items from our household.

If you’re having trouble getting rid of something, but that item just can’t fit into your new apartment, then you should consider a storage unit. It’s a great idea for some larger pieces of furniture or any other item. The storage facility will keep them safe. However, you should protect these items in storage units, and once you decide to use them, they will be as good as new ones.

usa auto transport storage
Storage units will keep all of your belongings

When Should I Start Packing to Move – Not Before You Declutter Each Room in Your Home

Once you decide to relocate to a new home, the main question you’re asking yourself is how do I start packing to move. Don’t think there are hundreds of steps to take before you start with it. However, keep in mind that the whole process will be easier if you take some steps before wrapping up. So, the first thing you should do is to decide what to get rid of from your household.

Surely, not all of your belongings are worth relocating. Some of them you just don’t use anymore, some you don’t like, and others can’t be used. But the most important thing about decluttering is that it can lower your relocation expenses –  the fewer items you have, the less money you will spend on movers.

So, before you start gathering all the boxes and other supplies, ensure you declutter the entire place first. Set aside one box for donation, one for sale, and one for the toss for better organization. Making these sections will ease the whole process once you go room by room and decide what stuff you don’t want to move. Put in each box things you won’t bring to the new place and donate some of them to the local charity organization or online on the website Goodwill.

If you need more ideas on how to declutter your house more efficiently and avoid some of the most common mistakes, watch the video below for some useful tips.

YouTube video

Gather Boxes and Other Necessary Supplies for the Efficient Pack

Imagine you’re in the middle of the wrapping up process, and you realize there aren’t enough boxes and other materials. Not only is it frustrating, but you’ll lose precious time, too. So, the key to successfully moving across the country has enough wrapping material. Here are some of the them that you will use the most:

  • Boxes,
  • Plastic and bubble wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Sticky notes,
  • Markers.

Some Items From Your Home Can Be a Good Substitute for Protection

When you put on paper everything you have to purchase (all the boxes, bubble wrap, tape), you will notice how all those materials and supplies are pricey, right? If you’re looking to save some money on relocation costs, then you should think about some alternatives. Use some things from your household and pack like a pro. For example, sheets, pillowcases, socks, clothes, towels, napkins, or any other soft fabric will be great protection for your fragile items. You can also protect the box by putting some of that soft stuff on the bottom as a cushion.

Packed room waiting for the professional terminal-to-terminal car shipping
Find alternatives and save some money

Apply Some of the Best Tips for the Wrapping up Process

When you know some of the best wrapping tips, you will have the items packed in no time. Here are some steps you should take to pack efficiently:

  • Clean your belongings,
  • First wrap items you use less,
  • Roll your clothes, do not fold,
  • Prepare an essentials box,
  • Leave bulky stuff for professional movers.

Make a Moving Inventory List for Easier Packing

Once you decide where to live, you should plan how to organize a packing list. With a well-planned list, you won’t have that constant feeling of something being forgotten. Also, it will reduce stress and make the whole process more enjoyable. Begin with creating main categories (clothes, documents, medications) and then you can add subcategories with rooms and things in them.

Pack Each Room Separately

As you did with decluttering, now you should do it with the wrapping up process. However, it would be best to start with the room you need the least. It might take some time, but you’ll be as organized as it can be. Also, the unpacking process after the move will be a breeze because you will know exactly which box to put in which room.

A pile of boxes ready for door-to-door auto transport
Wrap belongings from each room separately for better organization

How to Pack for a Move Fast – Wrap Now, Sort Later

Some situations in life you just can’t predict. That’s why you shouldn’t despair if you find yourself in a last-minute move. All the processes will be the same – organization and making a list. However, there will be some changes regarding the wrapping your clothes process.

It is probably the time-consuming task you need to do when relocating to a new place. So, instead of folding, roll your clothes. You will also save much-needed space in the packages and the relocation truck. It might seem an unorganized process, but there’s no room for sorting when you are in a hurry. You can do it later, once you settle in and you are not in a rush.

Clothes hanging on hangers before cross-country moving
Apply some hacks for faster wrapping

Stay Organized Even After the Move With Proper Labeling

One of the most common relocation mistakes is not labeling the boxes. Write what’s in each one of them for the better organization during and after the move. You sure do not want to find yourself digging in the pile of cartons finding one little thing just because you forgot to label, right?

You can write what stuff is inside on each carton because you won’t have to wait much until all the cartons look alike. That’s why you should take sticky notes and markers in your hands and start labeling. It’s better to write on the sticky notes since you might have to use those boxes again.

Use Color Coding Method for Boxes and Rooms

For even better organization, you can do some color-coding. With different colors, label each room, and once you start loading the truck, you can decide what box will go where. The same thing stands for the unpacking process. Once the professionals unload the truck, you can tell them to put cartons into the rooms. That way, you can start to unpack right away.

A pile of empty boxes on the floor
A color-coding labeling can be fun and useful

Make a Moving Day as Less Stressful as You Can

We all know how relocating can be challenging, especially when the moving day comes. That’s why you should prepare everything before the big day. This means you have your relocation essentials ready, including necessities for your furry friend if relocating with pets.

After all the hard work you have to do before and after the move, the only thing left is to make your apartment feel like home and enjoy it. This will be possible if you organize like a pro and stick to the plan. That way, there will be no room for panic or any misunderstandings while relocating to a new place.

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