How to Pack Fragile Items and Forget About Stress

November 18, 2021Moving Tips
Daisy Wilson

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Probably the most nerve-wracking part of every relocation is figuring out how to pack fragile items properly. When we start making a plan for our relocation, we realize how many delicate belongings we own. But moving fragile items is part of the process, and probably there was a time when you had to relocate something delicate on your own. Still, simple wrapping up is not enough if you wish to have undamaged belongings.

But with our professional tips, you will learn how to pack fragile items for moving and have a stress-free move without any hiccups. Dealing with breakables can be daunting, but you will never have to worry about accidents during shipping if you know the rules and proper packaging techniques.

Before You Start, Create a Plan and Organize Your Move

Organizing a move and making a detailed plan of each course of action will help you pack fragile items for moving. You probably wonder how. Well, simply, when everything is organized, there will be less mess, and where is less mess there is less opportunity for something to go wrong. First, you must create a moving to-do list. You can buy a binder and put all the checklists and documents you need for a successful relocation in it. Here is what most binders should have:

Create a List of Belongings You Plan to Bring

The next step is to create an inventory list of things you plan to bring with you. While making that list, you can simultaneously create a list of things to get rid of. When deciding what not to keep among your breakables, it is crucial to toss away everything you know you will never use. If you have a bowl or old plates that you don’t even like anymore, it is a moment to get rid of those things. Downsizing for a move is a key to organized packing and, best of all, smooth unpacking after a move. And not to mention that the fewer breakable things you have, the less your relocation stress will be stressed out.

Find a Car Shipping Company

If you are moving to another state with your family, you probably have two cars or even more. You can take an open trailer car shipping service and ship all your vehicles to your new location. And if you take the door-to-door auto transport, all your cars will be delivered to your doorstep.

Another option is to get to know some of the famous routes in the USA and make a fun road trip with your family. Or you can put one car on enclosed auto transport and use the other for driving. There are numerous options for you to choose from.

And the good thing about driving to your new location with family is that you can put some belongings in your car, like plants, antiques, and other valuables that most movers won’t move. Also, if you take a terminal to terminal car shipping service, having another car with you will be of huge help because you can to drive to the nearest terminal and pick up your vehicle.



How To Pack Fragile Items – Nothing Can Be Done Without Right Materials

If you want the best for your breakables, you will purchase the best packing material for fragile items. So what to use to pack fragile items? For starters, you will need a lot of protective materials such as bubble wrap, paper, and cushioning. Next, you will have to purchase corrugated cardboard rolls so you can cover unusually shaped objects and cardboard sheets to create custom-made boxes. Aside from those materials that are made explicitly for packaging of delicate belongings, here are other materials that you will need:

  • Medium-size boxes,
  • Duct tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Labels and markers,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Blankets.

Packaging Fragile Items With Free Supplies Is Possible

If you wish to save on relocation costs, you can use some free-of-charge materials. For example, you can cover your glasses with your socks instead of using paper or bubble wrap. Or you can envelop your plates and other dishes with your t-shirts. Towels can be used as cushioning layers for each container, and sheets and blankets from your home can protect your big breakables.

As you can see, these are all materials you have at home, but there are ways to get free supplies like containers outside your home. A lot of stores, such as grocery stores and big markets, dump large quantities of cardboard each day. You can go and look into their recycling bin at the end of the shift, or you can contact the store manager and ask them to leave you some containers aside.

Schools and college dorms have a lot of cardboard waste, too, so contact them for free containers. Go to your local drink store and ask them to give you some containers. They have sectioned boxes for bottles you can use to store your glasses.

Sectioned box
Ask your local liquor store to give you sectioned containers

How Do You Wrap a Fragile Object – Step by Step Guide for Packing a Box Like a Pro

Now that you know what types of materials you require, we can explain how to package fragile items for shipping. As we mentioned before, you will need medium-sized boxes, preferably with handles on the side. These containers are easier to carry and more firm than big ones. Here is how to deal with delicates like a pro:

  • Step 1 – Reinforce the box bottom and edges with duct tape.
  • Step 2 – Place a cushioning layer on the bottom of the container.
  • Step 3 – Cover each item with packing paper or bubble wrap and place it in the box.
  • Step 4 – Put some layer of cushioning after each layer of belongings, as it is important not to leave any hollow space between the belongings inside.
  • Step 5 – Don’t fill the container all the way to the top. Leave some space for another layer of cushioning.
  • Step 6 – Seal the container and label it with markers or labels.

Just make sure, before you start boxing up things, to create categories of belongings you have. Put in each box belongings of approximately the same in size and shape. For example, champagne glasses and ceramic bowls in the same container are not a good idea. The chances for breaking are big.

How to Use Sectioned Boxes for Glasses

Before we talk about sectioned boxes, you must learn all there is to know about how do you wrap something that is fragile because you can not simply put glasses in these boxes without prior preparation. Wine or champagne glasses should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper. The neck of the glass should be enveloped separately from the body and then placed in individual sections in the container. You should place some cushioning like foam peanuts or shredded paper. Make sure to fill the hollow space on top of the container and seal and reinforce everything with duct tape.

Learn to Pack Plates Like a Pro

When it comes to packaging plates, things are a little bit simpler. Cover each plate either with paper or a foam sheet. Do this with five to six plates, then cover the whole stack together with paper again. Place them in a container vertically and repeat the process with the rest of the set. You can do the same with bowls, only don’t stack more than three pieces together. You can purchase containers made specifically for plate storing. These containers are sturdier and have sections for each plate.

Person wrapping a glass while packing fragile items for moving
Use bubble wraps for glasses, while paper will do the trick for plates

How to Cover Bulky and Oddly Shaped Delicate Objects

You probably have some lamps and vases you don’t know how to protect, and if these objects are super big and oddly shaped, the problem is even bigger. But don’t worry, our relocation tips can manage these problems as well. You will have to build custom containers for all large objects you can not place in the ordinary ones. You will use cardboard sheets or corrugated cardboard rolls depending on the shape of the object. With these materials, you can easily maneuver and cover any shape. Still, before you create a custom container for your objects, you should cover the item in question with bubble wrap. Check this video and see how other people make custom containers.

YouTube video

Know How to Prepare Your TV for Storage

How should you pack delicate electronic items if you have lost the original container? If you haven’t saved the cardboard in which your TV came, you will have to build one. But before you place it in a container, you should first do proper protection of the TV. First, unscrew all the parts that can be moved, roll up the power cable, and tape it to the back of the TV. Then take one styrofoam sheet and cut it in a way to fit the size of a screen, place it on the screen, and tape it all. Then cover the whole TV with bubbles.

Once you are done with protecting the TV, you can now create a custom container. Place the TV on a cardboard sheet, with the screen facing the floor. Then fold the rest of the sheet until it covers the back of the TV, then cut. Fold the edges and corners, so you make a square and secure it. Bonus tips – write “fragile” on the container and mark the side where the screen is, so your movers know how to place it in a truck.

Computer carefully placed in a container.
The process is similar for other electronic devices

Take Blankets for Mirrors and Large Pieces of Glass

A broken mirror is the last thing you need to add up to your anxiety about moving. To avoid years of bad luck, you should know how to properly protect your mirrors and other big pieces of glass. For this, you will need blankets, foam sheets or bubble wrap, and duct tape. First, cover the mirror with a blanket and reinforce everything with duct tape, then cover everything with a foam sheet or bubbles and add another batch of duct tape.

And if you wonder how do you pack fragile items for cargo, the key is in knowing the laws of physics. Before you do the covering, make an X sign with packing tape on your mirror or glass. This will prevent the glass from breaking from vibrations. And if you have time and energy, you can create custom containers for these objects as well.

Girl watching herself in a mirror
Do not risk being cursed and protect your mirrors properly

Book Auto Transport Company and Get Ready For Your Relocation Today

As you can see, dealing with breakables can be exhausting, but it’s not impossible. Still, if you feel like you are not up to this task or simply don’t wish to be bothered with it, don’t risk it – book movers to do this job for you. Like you would want to transport your expensive and luxurious car with the best exotic auto transport, the same should be with your breakables. Especially if you have expensive and antique delicate belongings, find a professional company to handle the task. And once you prepare your car for shipping, you can sit back and relax and try to enjoy this whole process with your family.

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