Why You Should Ship Your Car Instead of Driving It to a New Home

June 7, 2018Car Shipping Essentials
Daisy Wilson

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It may seem to you that driving to another state will be fun, but there are many reasons why you should ship your car instead. For starters, there’s virtually no risk of your car being stolen on the road, and, according to a National Insurance Crime Bureau report, there were over 873,000 car thefts in 2020. But theft is not the only risk you will encounter when steering an automobile across the country, and once you consider both options, you will be able to make informed decisions.

Still, safety is not the only benefit of car shipping because, unless you have a driverless car, you will save yourself money, time, and energy. And even though you may think you will save money if you drive to your destination, in the end, it will pay off way more if you decide to transport a car from state to state. So let’s break this down and see why should you ship a car across states in the first place.

What to Expect on Your Drive to a New State?

Depending on where you decide to move, the trip can last up to six days if you are moving from one coast to another. First, you would need to book motels or hotels along the way and plan for each stop. On average, you will have to drive around eight to ten hours a day, which, you will agree, requires a lot of concentration. Your eyes will have to be focused on the road all the time, and you will have to know some mechanic basics like how to change a flat tire. Around 21% of US roads are in bad condition and need repair, leading to some car damages or worse. Another thing you must consider is road rage, distraction, and risky steering. These are the main reasons road accidents that claim more than 30,000 lives every year happen.

Weather Conditions Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Driving

If you are moving to a cold climate or in winter, seriously consider booking one of the USA auto transport companies. Even if it is on an open trailer auto transport, your car will be safer. And as we mentioned above, many things can go south on the road, so triple that up when it comes to driving in snowy, icy, and cold weather. Even with the most expensive cars in the world or even with the best cars for off-road driving, frozen roads can make you feel like you forgot to drive. And even if you have experience driving in these conditions, there are big chances roads will end up closed for days. Instead, find a car shipping company. There is even Alaska car transport, so don’t risk it – hire professionals.



You Will Save Money

There is a vastly spread misconception that car shipping costs are enormous and that you will save more money if you drive your car across the country. To be fair, you will save money but not as much to be worth the risks of a long distance drive. On average, auto transport costs are between $500 to $1,500, while if you decide to drive across the country, you will have to pay for:

  • Gas,
  • Motels,
  • Food,
  • Repairs,
  • Tolls.

Let’s say you are currently driving in Los Angeles, and you wish to drive in New York, where you are moving. You will have to go over 2,770 miles. And let’s assume you drive an SUV. It will go around 23 miles on one gallon of gas, so it will cost you around $370 for fuel alone. Furthermore, you will have to be at the wheel for eight hours a day, which means you will get there in five to six days. That is around four nights in motels or hotels, which will cost around $100 per night, so $400 in total. And you need to buy food and beverages, which will be around, let’s say $50 each day, or $300 in total. In the end the total cost will be around $1,000. And we didn’t calculate potential car problems which can easily happen. And not to mention you will lose precious time.

So as you can see, even if you take exotic car shipping, it will pay off. Still, a cheap road trip is indeed a possibility if you’re willing to lower standards a bit, and this video explains it in more detail.

YouTube video

If You Are Moving for a Job, You Will Need Your Car ASAP

There can be a lot of reasons to move, and if a job is yours, you would want to ship a car across the country. It is the fastest way to get your car from one side of the country to another. And you don’t want to end up tired from a road trip on your first day at work. You will also have more time to settle in your new home, get your things in order, and maybe even unpack after moving. All of which couldn’t be possible if you waste your time driving around the most famous routes in the USA.

Woman searching for a job online
You can even get lost, and your trip may take longer

There Will Be Less Mileage on Your Vehicle

It may seem like an irrelevant thing for you, but it is not for your car. Mileage is, in a way, your engine’s birth certificate, or to be more precise, a medical chart. Looking at the mileage, we can tell how worn off are your clips and the fuel pump. And like anything in life, it all has an expiration date, and so does your engine. So if you love your vehicle, you will save it from an unnecessary, difficult and long distance trip that can lead to premature engine malfunctioning.

Car's windshields in rainy weather
The more you demand from your vehicle, the shorter it will last

With Car Shipping You Will Have More Time to Deal With Other Problems

Moving to another state is a stressful and time-consuming process. There will be so many things to deal with. You’ll have to prepare your home for sale, organize packing, find a new school for your kids, and make many other arrangements and collect paperwork. And if you decide to take one week off just to drive your vehicle across the country, your schedule will become even tighter. In contrast, car shipping, even for your sports vehicle, can be arranged by email or phone call. Only time spent will be on searching for the companies that provide the best enclosed auto transport.

Person packing items in a box
You will have more energy to pack properly

Why You Should Ship Your Car – Put the Safety of Your Family First

Aside from the fact that you will be stressed out with your kids in the vehicle for five to six days (and sometimes even two days are enough,) there’s the matter of knowing the country roads. Your path can lead through national parks, for example, and you can end up without cell phone reception, so make sure to download the map for navigation. Also, have a paper map in your car just in case you get lost.

You Can Avoid Injuries If You Ship the Car

We already mentioned the risk involving bad roads and reckless drivers, but what about creatures that can get killed by a car on the road and endanger you as well? There are over 260,000 crashes involving animals accounting for 12,000 human injuries and around 150 human deaths. Squirrels, mice, cats, dogs, raccoons, and rabbits are all ending up in roadkill statistics, and even if you run over some small animal, it can be dangerous. You can stray off the road or damage your car, but you’ll most likely live. On the other hand, if you hit a deer, you’d wish you had your car shipped. So be careful and look for an animal on the road signs, and do not speed. You know how we all cry when Bambi’s mom gets killed.

Thefts and Property Damage Will Be Avoided With Car Shipping

The worst thing about staying in an off-road motel is not the suspicious eggs you will be served for breakfast but the fact that you don’t know the area, and you can never be sure if you have parked your car in a safe place. Your car may not be stolen, but it can be vandalized and damaged. So if you decide to go by car to your destination, the best tip would be to book rooms in hotels with safe parking lots. And never leave anything valuable in your car.

Broken car window
Someone can break into your car just to get your wallet

Preparations for Car Shipping Are Minimal

Preparing your car for shipping will most likely take one day of your life, while preparing it for a trip will take at least one week, depending on its condition. With professionals, all you have to do is wash your car, take pictures of it, prepare the documents, and your automobile will be ready for transportation. On the other hand, if you wish to be safe for a long-distance trip, you will have to check everything from a spark plug to your engine. And there will be a huge chance something would have to be fixed.

If anything, you will have to add brake fluid, change your oil, adjust the parking brake, and see if your clutch master cylinder is bad. It is imperative to make your car safe for a long-distance trip from a technical point of view. And aside from these maintenances, you will have to buy some basic winter gear if you end up driving through snow. It is America. You never know where it is snowy at the moment.

Car at a washing station
All you have to do is to give your car a good wash

If You Take Door to Door Auto Transport You Will Settle Without a Stress

If you book an auto transport company, there will be two pick-up and delivery options for you to choose from – terminal to terminal car shipping and door to door one. With the terminal-to-terminal option, you will have to leave your car at the company’s nearest terminal, which is fine if you are moving to a major city. Most companies have terminals in major cities. But if not, your picking up can be tricky because you will have to figure out how to get to that terminal.

On the other hand, with the door-to-door option, your car will be delivered to your home no matter where you relocate. All you have to do is to check your phone to see the progress of the truck. This will leave you with plenty of time to deal with other issues, like unpacking your fragile items or getting to know your surroundings.

As you can see, even though a road trip is a fun activity with your family, it should only be an option for shorter travels because of many unpredictable and bad things that can happen along the way. It is no wonder why professional truck drivers have such a good salary. This work is dangerous and demanding. So don’t push your luck and hire a professional company that is familiar with the roads and can ship your car in no time for a really affordable price.

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