How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There – Tips and Resources

September 1, 2021Moving Tips
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Many people who opted for an interstate relocation want to know how to get a job in another state before moving there. Having a work position prior to the move makes people feel less anxious and more secure – therefore, it could have a tremendous positive impact on dealing with the relocation stress. If you are looking to take some burden off your shoulders before relocation, take a look at our tips that have proven to be more than successful.

Reasons for Your Move Will Affect Your Work Hunting Techniques

Will you decide where to live according to the field and opportunities dominant in a particular location? Or are you planning on taking your relationship to the next level and moving in with your significant other? Maybe you are ready to start over by changing your lifestyle? Know that different reasons to move could have a substantial impact on your future regarding not only choosing the city but also getting a specific work position.

Answers on how to get a job out of state before moving could be very much different regarding three previous examples. For instance, relocating with our partner could mean that you can’t choose the city you are going to, and chasing a carrier would demand you to seek specific cities and regions that are leaders in your field. Therefore, ensure to adjust all the following tips to your individual relocation situation.

Couple laughing before cross-country moving
Relocating with a partner could make your search more limited

Research City/Cities Before Getting a Job Out of State

When you have a word in the choice of the location, ensure to use it in the best way possible. How to get a job out of state may be one of your primary concerns, but it should not be the only one – ensure that you’ll be at least comfortable in your new surroundings. Moving to a location that will make you more miserable than happy is one of the relocation mistakes you don’t want to endure. You must have in mind what you are searching for and combine it with your desired career choice. For example, many IT, law, and engineering companies have their headquarters in big cities, while small towns are reserved for local businesses. This distinction could help you decide whether you chose relocation to the big city or opt to move to a small town.

Pick a location that suits your preferences and needs, with the cost of living you could handle. If you enjoy driving, rarely experience driving stress, and don’t have a problem with the occasional occurrence of road rage, look for cities in which having a car isn’t identified as a nightmare. Just make sure that when relocating, aside from choosing the best long-distance relocation team in order to move efficiently, you pick a trustworthy USA auto transport company, too.

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How to Find a Job When Moving Out of State – Use the Best Tips for Researching the Market and Getting Recommendations

As you’ve probably realized, securing the interviews and getting results regarding your future career while relocating out of state could be a lot harder than what you are used to. In addition to that, there is a lot of complexity about even researching the opportunities in the future location. Luckily, some already tested different methods and relocation tips that will help you go through the endless sea of companies and discover those you could consider as your next career step.

Online World – The Best Resource When Wondering How to Look For a Job in Another State

Surfing through the online world will be the easiest way to start your search and, at the same time, the one that will provide you with a wide range of different opportunities. The first step would be going through work searching websites, such as CareerBuilder, by entering the title of your profession and desired location. Next, turn to social media and try to dive into the city’s community – create connections so that you could hear about new openings or even make friends in a news city who could recommend you to their employers.

Of course, there are some apps created for the sole purpose of professional business networking, such as LinkedIn. Try to use them as a way of potential employers finding you, not just the other way around. However, don’t forget to change your location and provide information about the date of the relocation.

Continue Networking With Former Alumni

One of the purposes of the alumni’s existence is precisely in creating business connections. So, there is no better time than now to reconnect with your old college friends and acquaintances and check for the Alumni Association. Know that you could also find them through previously mentioned LinkedIn and target the type of alumni you have the most interest in – ones working in businesses and fields you would like or ones that could help you build your connections further.

College alumni graduating
Alumni network could be of great help when you search for future career

Professional Conferences Could Be a Great Way to Make New Connections

Start visiting nearby conferences related to your field. You will meet people from other states and cities that could recommend some companies in your desired areas. They can also recommend and put a good word for you to the employer that seems a good match for you. It is one of the best ways to get an insight into the companies you would prefer to work for.

Consider Old Employer Vouching for You

If you’ve proven yourself as a reliable and hardworking employee, there is a chance that your employer could compose a letter of recommendation or even recommend you to his colleagues in the place of your choosing. Consider this option if you already have a great connection with your soon-to-be-old boss, for whom you think generally cares about you. In other cases, make this a last resort.

A boss standing in front of her team
Your current boss knows how good of a worker you are - consider them assisting your search

Resume and Cover Letter – Applying for Jobs Out of State

When you spot some of the most suitable companies for you, it is time to learn how to apply for a job in another state. The process itself isn’t that much different from applications you would send for the employers in your current region. Your resume and cover letter must be up to date and contain all the information about your abilities, qualifications, and experience. And while the resume should contain a list of all necessary information for your potential employer, the cover letter is what should attract them and distinguish you from the rest.

Try making a cover letter draft which you could change according to the different nature of each company. Even if a letter is not something that is explicitly demanded from you, consider sending it alongside your resume – it will show your commitment and willingness to become a part of the team.

There is, however, one thing that is different when you think about how to apply for jobs out of state vs. the local ones – you need to provide your employer with the information about the relocation. It’s not advised to start the position on the wrong foot by lying to your employer about your address on the resume. Sure, you could provide them with your future one if you hold that information, but anything else could be considered misleading and cost you a position in the long run. Instead, mention relocation in your letter and let them know that you are relocating.

A woman passing her job application
Don't give the wrong address - you don't want it to harm you cover later

Preparing for Interviews Is Crucial for Securing the Position

If your resume was well accepted, some interviews would be in order, and it is of utmost importance for you to research the company you have the interview with. It will prove that you are interested in becoming a part of the team and that your intentions are serious. Next, you should think about the skills that could set you apart from the other candidates, especially if you are applying for a position across the country – point out why they should hire you and what quality you have that couldn’t be found in local candidates.

Be prepared to go through on-phone interviews, on a first level, and in-person or online later on. You will also be questioned about the details of your relocation, reasons to move, and the connection to the place – you are more likely to get hired if you at least visited the city before. Some employers would want to conduct the interview in person, and when possible, try to accommodate and adjust to their wishes. Show that you are flexible and able to cooperate.

What Should You Ask Employers During Interviews?

Your employer is not the only one that should have questions – you need to prepare some, too. It will show that you are intelligent and driven, but also that you have done the research about the company and the position itself.

However, when it comes to searching for jobs long-distance, know that one of the questions that need to be answered is about relocation assistance. Some companies are willing to provide you with relocation reimbursement, especially if you’ve applied for some higher positions – just make sure you are not the one mentioning it first. Convince the other side that you are willing to pay all the relocation expenses since your plan was to move no matter the interview outcome.

If they end up offering you assistance, only then try to find out what it implies – are they going to pay the total relocation price, are there going to be additional services involved, and so on. Remember that every detail is important, so you could organize the move properly and plan a relocation budget. For example, ask for more information, such as whether they will provide help for hiring a car shipping company. If so, ask if you must choose an open trailer rather than much costlier enclosed auto transport, and which delivery option you have (door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal car shipping.)

In the end, if you require more general advice about questions to ask your employer, ensure to watch the following video:

YouTube video

You’ve Learned Everything About How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There- But What if You’re Not Successful at It?

Searching for jobs and securing one long-distance is a hard and not-so-fast process – ensure to leave enough time for it, at least a couple of months. However, don’t fall into despair if nothing comes up, even if you follow our previously shown guidelines. There are just too many factors that could affect the outcome, and not all of them are not up to you.

If this happens, don’t let the anxiety about relocation consume you – you just have to be more persistent after you relocate to a new state. Stretching for jobs will then become one of the things to do after relocation. Just remember that there are so many positions that may not be your career goals, but they could help you go through the transition period until you land the desired position.

Consider and Search for the Remote Positions

Don’t underestimate positions that could offer you to work from whichever address around the world – under the condition you have an internet connection. The company (or platform) won’t mind that you are relocating, as long as you are able to finish your tasks as planned. If it could be your cup of tea, don’t rule out the possibility of becoming a digital nomad.

A girl typing on the keyboard in the living room
Change of address won't matter if you are working remotely - include remote positions in your search

Hiring Cross-Country Movers When Securing Jobs That Require Relocation

Not being certain about your future as well as possible income difficulties could give you the case of adjustment insomnia or even depression after relocation after you move to a new home. That is why you should do everything to secure many interviews across the borders and let employers see the quality you possess. And if you want to provide yourself the best chance of having a completely stress-free move, opt for hiring cross-country movers, whether with or without relocation assistance. It may take some time to save money to move, but the worry-free experience will be worth it. After all, with a new job secured, spending a little more money on relocation expenses won’t be that unthinkable.

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