5 Reasons Why Car Shipping Costs Have Increased

June 1, 2022Car Shipping Essentials
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Lately, major global events have impacted the USA economy in more ways than one. Those changes have also influenced the moving industry, which can be seen in increased car shipping costs. So, before shipping the vehicle, let’s go over all the reasons why transportation expenses have changed in recent years.

#1 Gas Prices Are One of the Main Reasons Why Car Shipping Costs Have Skyrocketed

Since you are a car owner, you’ve surely noticed how the prices of gas have risen in the last year or so. This does not affect only people with the best cars for city driving but any driver with a vehicle in the US. Meaning professionals as well.

When fuel costs rise, the cost of auto transportation changes as well. And since the gas prices rose by more than 35% in the span of one year (according to data from DAT), the transportation companies had to increase their quotes as well.

This fact might make you consider moving a car to another state alone, but that decision won’t be good for your savings. After all, you’ll also have to pay for the gas. That’s why our car shipping advice would be to let professionals handle the whole process. It will be less stressful and time-consuming than doing it on your own.

gas oil barrels
Gas prices are one of the main reasons why transportation expenses are up

#2 Vehicle Shipping Cost Is Impacted by the Shortage of Drivers

Even though driving large trailers and delivery trucks is one of the largest occupations in the US, with more than 3.5 million people working in it, there is a shortage of drivers. And that’s not only in the moving and transportation industry.

Every section of the trucking business is now experiencing a driver shortage. In fact, according to the DAT study, truck availability was down roughly 12% year over year. This is due to many truckers switching to Amazon and other delivery services, where they can make same-day deliveries and avoid cross-country driving. Furthermore, a substantial number of truck drivers are retiring, and there are fewer drivers entering the profession to take their place.

All of these factors are raising the paychecks of drivers because companies are competing with each other, trying to find the best employees possible.

moving trucks
Lack of drivers impacts the overall transportation prices

#3 Aftermath of COVID 19 Pandemic Has Had a Huge Impact on Everything

Even after the countries managed to flatten the curve and get control over the pandemic, its aftermath is undeniable. The economic consequences were devastating. Tens of millions of individuals lost their employment in the early months of the crisis. While employment began to improve after a few months, unemployment remained high.

Even though the movers were considered essential workers during the crisis, the industry still suffered. The companies had to invest in additional protection such as medical gloves, masks, and alcohol. Furthermore, since trucks had to be disinfected thoroughly after every move, the number of moves movers can handle during the month has decreased. All of it impacted the final transportation quote.

Professional movers moving boxes before relocation and auto transport
COVID-19 influenced every aspect of economy

#4 The Demand for Auto Transport Companies Has Increased

Relocating during the coronavirus pandemic was a rising trend that keeps on giving. This is mostly due to the rise of remote work possibilities that make people relocate to a new home that is more affordable. After all, it is expected that around 25% of work will be done from home after the pandemic, so the location won’t play a huge role when looking for a job.

With all of that in mind, the result is increased demand for movers while the supply has decreased. That’s why customers are willing to pay more, and carriers and truck drivers can charge more when demand is higher. It is just the way demand works.


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#5 Cost to Ship Car Is Also Affected by the Surge in Toll Fees

When all is said and done, driving is a lot more expensive than using professional services when it comes to shipping a car across the country. Especially if we take into consideration that you’ll have to take more than a few daily stops to rest (even if you are not a beginner driver). So, you’ll have to pay for things like food, drinks, and motels along the way.

These expenses are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to transporting a car from state to state. Professional drivers might be more experienced than you, so they’ll take fewer stops along the way, ensuring your machine arrives faster at a new location. However, they’ll still have to pay driving-related fees that actually affect the overall cost of transportation.

In the last few years, many of the freeways stopped being free. Several states opened new toll roads while increasing fees on existing turnpikes and tollways. What is the cause of this increase? The transportation budgets of many states are tight, and the federal highway trust fund is insolvent. Leaving states to find their own solution to the money problems.

Some States Have More Expensive Toll Road Mileage

With all of these new fees in place, the cost to have a car shipped by professionals has increased. So, if you want to know how much it costs to ship a car, there are a few additional things to keep in mind. For example, companies consider mileage and location when forming prices.

That being said, if you are moving to another state across the US, professionals will probably have to consider a traveling route before providing you with a quote. The price might increase if a new state you are moving to is the one with expensive toll road mileage.

Check out the table below to see the top ten US states with the most toll road mileage.

State Toll Road Mileage
Florida 657 miles
Oklahoma 596.7 miles
New York 574.6 miles
Pennsylvania 508.2 miles
Ohio 392.2 miles
New Jersey 356 miles
Illinois 282.1 miles
Kentucky 248.5 miles
Kansas 236.1 miles
Indiana 156.8 miles

There Are a Few Ways You Can Lower Car Shipping Prices

One of the things you’ll consider when moving to another state is how to save up. There are a few ways to keep your relocating budget on point. Let’s go over them so that you can transport the vehicle to a new location without actually breaking the bank:

  • Pick the right trailer – as you might know, professional car transportation companies, most of the time, offer two types of trailers. Open trailers are a more affordable option, while enclosed auto transport will cost you extra.
  • Choose the best pick up, and delivery option – Reputable auto transport companies will also offer you two types of pick up and delivery options. Door-to-door auto transport will cost you more than terminal to terminal car shipping, but it will save you some valuable time.
  • Time of the year plays a significant role in pricing – it is debatable whether there is the best time of the year to move or not. However, when it comes to summer vs. winter car shipping, choosing the colder weather will save you a few bucks. This is mainly because vehicle shipping in winter is less popular than in summer.

Taking into account all of these expenses and carefully planning your move will help you avoid dipping into the savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Transport

Shipping a car can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about auto transport.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

When all is said and done, the cheapest way to transport a vehicle is by hiring a professional team to do it instead of you. It might seem strange to you, but given the time it takes to transport a four-wheeler from one place to another, it is best to leave it to professionals. That way, you’ll avoid missing work and paying for hotels, gas, and toll fees during the transportation.

Is the cost to ship a car worth it?

If the car shipping prices you’re getting seem too expensive, you might be thinking if it’s really worth it. The answer will depend on the distance traveled and the type of four-wheeler used.

If you’re traveling great distances, such as from New York to San Francisco, a professional car shipping crew may be worth the money because you won’t have to add miles to your machine or pay for gas. If you want to safeguard a classic automobile or modern machine from debris, using a car transport service will make sense.

What is the best car shipping company?

The question of how to select the best car shipping company will surely pop into your mind when looking for a solution for your vehicle transportation troubles. One of the main things you should consider when choosing a USA auto transport company is (of course) its legitimacy.

When you have established that the company is abiding by the law, ensure it has to offer you all the services you actually need. The best company will be a one-stop-shop for all of your relocation needs. It will be able to offer you long-distance moving services, packing, storage as well as auto shipping.

Can I put stuff in my car when I ship it?

You might be wondering how to pack a car for moving and are there any restrictions to doing it. Let’s start with the basics. Yes, you can transport some items in the vehicle. However, most carriers will limit you to 50LB of additional baggage. But since this is not a written rule, you should check with the crew how much is the weight limit and if there are some items they won’t move.

What should I watch for when shipping a car?

There are a few things you should watch for if you want to avoid being a part of a moving scam. Start by reading the reviews of a company you chose to help you transport the vehicle. Never base your decision on prices alone. Sometimes companies that offer the services for the lowest prices come with a mountain of hidden fees.

Instead, opt for the best services. That way, you’ll be sure your four-wheeler is in the good and trustworthy hands of professionals. Another thing – don’t forget to check the insurance policies. The reputable team will offer you a policy based on the type of trailer that transports the machine.

Overall, when choosing a car shipping company to handle your precious machine, put in the work, research, and then make a decision.

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