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Summer Vs. Winter Auto Shipping

Are you moving to another city which is in another corner of the country and you want your car shipped? Finding a car shipping company should not be a problem since numerous companies in the United States offer high-quality services. However, there are a few decisions which you need to make by yourself. Even though a lot of people move during summer and therefore ship their cars during this season, some opt for car transportation in the winter. Which season is better to transport your vehicle? USA Auto Transport answers this question below.

Summer Vs. Winter Auto Shipping


Lack of companies

Car shipping is a usually seasonal business, and all car shipping companies earn more money during the summer. What does this mean and how does it affect you? Well, because there are a lot of people who are transporting their vehicles during the hottest seasons, you may have difficulties in finding a reliable car shipping company which is free to transport your car!Car shipping business is very competitive in the United States, and you should bear that in mind if you want your vehicle transported in the summer so that you can organize and find the company on time!

High prices

Because of a lot of people, the moving companies tend to increase their prices during the summer, which does make sense for the companies. The companies that have been around for a while have no problems with this increase, whereas the new businesses may have issues finding clients even at the regular prices due to lack of establishment. In case you want to save so money, you can always ship your car off-season.


If you want your vehicle to be delivered quickly, summer will be perfect for you. A lot of people move to the largest cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago and shipping your car here will be done more quickly than you would expect. The reason is that the auto transport trucks can pick up vehicles along the way.


Low prices

Everything changes during the winter. Shipping your vehicle while half the country is covered in snow tends to be difficult, and a few people opt for this season to transport their cars. In the summer the clients are fighting for the truck spots, while the situation changes in the winter – car companies are the ones who attempt to draw clients and one good way to attract them is to lower the prices.


While transporting your vehicle during the winter seems tempting due to low prices, you might want to avoid it. The risk of damaging your car increases especially if your destination is in the northern area of the country. Driving on the snowy and icy roads can be an issue, which is why you need to take this into account as well. However, all car companies do offer insurance, and even if an accident happens, the insurance will cover it.
All you need to do know is compare the two seasons and see whether you are looking to save some money, or you want your car transported more quickly and efficiently. To ship your car, contact USA Auto Transport for additional information.