What Is the Best Time of Year to Move Cross Country?

October 14, 2021Moving Tips
Lucy Lucas

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Hiring movers, renting the truck, decluttering, and packing are some of the chores on a relocation to-do list. With those things on your plate, it is easy for the moving date to fall to the bottom of the priorities. Just remember, knowing the best time of year to move will affect your schedule and your budget. To help you make an educated decision, here are all the conveniences and costs each season brings.

boxes, clock, and a laptop
There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best moment to move

When Is the Best Time of Year to Move Out of the Old Home – What Factors Should You Consider Beforehand

Boxing up your entire life and relocating to another part of the state takes time and preparation. The long list of things you have to do will make your head spin. However, if you choose the right time to move, all of it won’t seem like such a problem.

Keep in mind that the right time will change depending on the person’s needs and budget. Those on a tight budget will probably seek more affordable options, while those with more flexible schedules won’t care about the exact date. Other things you should consider are location, weather, and different family matters. So before you start planning the relocation, figure out what you need, and then you’ll know what season will work the best for you.

Couple sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes
Before you hire movers, go over the pros and cons of each season

Is Summer the Best Time of Year to Move Cross Country?

NOAA National Climatic Data Center states that, on average, the summer temperature in the US is around 72F. Which sounds like ideal weather for the move – it is just hot enough. However, if you are relocating to or from places like Florida, Texas, and Hawaii, summertime moves can get pretty sweaty.

Keep in mind that the move in the summer is quite expensive because it is the most popular time of the year and the movers are booked all the time. So, those with rigid schedules and tight budgets should reconsider it.

However, there is a long line of benefits you can reap if you opt for relocating during the warmest season:

  • Warm weather means you won’t have to think about the snow and freezing temperatures while boxing up the home. Walking on the sunshine instead of dancing in the rain is always a tempting option.
  • School’s out for summer, so the kids’ education won’t suffer. Also, they will have more time to adjust to a new environment until the school year starts.
  • Days are longer, and there is more sunlight, so you’ll be able to finish up a lot more work outside without putting yourself in harm’s way.
  • Garage sales are easier to organize.
white car on the beach
Summertime is an excellent season for those that enjoy relocating during the warm weather.

What Are the Benefits of Relocating in the Fall?

In the words of the great Oscar Wilde, “and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” You might not even notice it, but that season brings many changes. The leaves start to fall off, drinking pumpkin spice latte is once again acceptable, and the rain becomes a daily occurrence. All this magic of the fall might help you find the reasons to move.

Keep in mind that deciding to move to a new home during the fall has plenty of advantages. For starters, most of the US has mild weather during September and all through October. Meaning that if you own a car for off-road driving, you can plan a road trip to a new location while movers handle the rest of your belongings.

Even if you are DIYing the whole thing, relocating during the fall can be a quite pleasant experience because the temperatures are lower than in summer but not quite frigid. Also, you will be all settled down into a residence long before the holidays hit. You’ll be done with unpacking, and the long list of things to do after the move will be completed and long forgotten, leaving you plenty of time to make friends in a city before the jolliest period of the year.


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How to Prepare for the Fall Move?

Even though the fall foliage can leave you speechless and inspire you to snap more than a hundred pics of the moody sky, relocating during this season requires preparation. So, if you want to have a stress free move, ensure that you:

  • Prepare for the movers by cleaning up the leaves of the ground. The fall foliage can actually be an injury hazard when relocating, so clean up the path from the truck to the front door. Slip and fall scenarios could cause damage and injuries, so ensure to prevent it when you can.
  • If you have kids, they will be missing the start of a school year. Plan ahead, talk to them, and ensure they don’t miss more classes than they need to. This means that you should collect and organize important documents such as school records beforehand.
  • Weather can be quite unpredictable. So keep an open mind and be prepared to postpone the big day. Let’s be realistic, who would want to relocate during the heavy rain and risk damaging the valuable belongings?
Truck on the road during the fall
Fall brings fairytale-like foliage, making the relocation feel like a beautiful adventure

Can Moving in Winter Save You Some Money?

Wondering how to save on moving costs will probably lead you to the question – What is the cheapest time of year to move? Even though the prices might vary depending on your needs, location, and many other factors, the simple answer is still winter.

Since school starts during the fall and the kids are stuck in classes, many opt out of relocating during the colder months. Also, the cold, somewhat harsh weather deters many Americans from the move. These reasons lower the demand for moving companies, therefore lowering the rates for customers.

On top of that, if you want to bring the four-wheeler to a new location, a trustworthy moving and car shipping company will take care of the task for you. So you don’t have to worry about opening the frozen car doors or being behind the wheel on an icy road. Just prepare the car as instructed by professionals, opt for an open trailer, or use the enclosed auto transport option and the rest is up to movers.

Furthermore, since the companies won’t be as busy, you will be able to choose the relocation date more freely. This flexibility alone makes the wintertime move worth all the trouble.

Bonus car shipping advice – Let’s say the winter is coming, and you opted for shipping a vehicle across the country. No matter if you choose a door-to-door auto transport or terminal to terminal car shipping, make sure the four-wheeler can stand the cold weather. Check out the video below because it can help you figure out if the machine is in a tip-top shape.

YouTube video

What Are the Benefits of Moving Mid Winter?

Winter weather is unpredictable, and depending on where you live in the US, it can make or break many of your plans. However, let’s be honest, people move all year round, so even though you might think that relocating during the cold weather is not the smartest idea, it can be done. And furthermore, it comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Less competition for a new home – you’ve probably read through many house hunting tips, and most of them advise looking for a new home during the wintertime. Even though there will be fewer homes on the market, there will also be less competition. This way, you’ll avoid a frenzy springtime brings and a potential bidding war with other buyers.
  • There will be fewer distractions – when the warm weather comes, you might want to plan a road trip, gather up your friends, and check out famous routes in the US. During the winter, entertainment options are a bit more limited. That means you’ll have enough time to learn packing tips and get over with the boxing up process fast.
  • The weather will keep you from overheating – let’s assume that the day of your move won’t be the coldest in the history of planet Earth. Colder temperatures will keep you from overheating when carrying all the boxes. Also, in wintertime, the risks of dehydration are lower.
  • You probably won’t miss work due to holiday hoursmoving out of state will, one way or another, put a dent in your bank account. However, it will be quite noticeable on your relocation budget if you have to take some time off work to finish up all the tasks. Luckily, the holiday season is during the winter, which means that many businesses close for the celebration, so you probably won’t miss work.
black and white car covered in snow
The trustworthy USA auto transport company can relocate your car without a fuss even in winter

Is Spring a Good Season to Move?

Those that missed the wintertime move might consider a spring one. The weather during the season is just warm enough so that you don’t freeze to death and cold enough so that you don’t overheat. Also, spring is great if you want to sell your home because the demand on the market is on the rise.

Spring move might not be as cheap as the winter one, but it is still more affordable than relocating in summer. Up until April, you can move without making a huge dent in your budget. Keep that in mind when planning the relocation.

What Should You Do to Prepare for the Spring Move?

Spring months come hand-in-hand with plenty of allergies. Keep that in mind when planning the relocation. Talk to your doctor and learn of all the ways you can prevent sneezing, pollen allergies, itchy eyes, and runny noses. These symptoms can get pretty irritating and make it hard to focus on labor.

Also, check the pollen count and plan the move accordingly. Remember, the pollen density gets higher in the early morning so start the move in the afternoon. Wear sunglasses and dress layers of clothes you can take off when the temperatures get warmer during the day.

A bottle of allergy medicine
Get meds before the spring relocation, and you’ll have an efficient, sneeze-free move.

What Is the Best Time of the Year to Move – Is There One Right Answer?

We went over all the pros and cons of all four seasons, and as you can tell, there are different benefits each of them brings. However, there is still a question of which month is the best time to move across the country? There is no right or wrong answer here. Mostly if you want to save up, opt for the period between mid-September and April. However, you can also relocate during the rest of the year if the money is not a problem. Basically, when you decide to do it, with the right professional moving company by your side, you’ll quickly relocate.

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