7 Tips for Stressless Moving Day Preparation

August 15, 2022Moving Tips
Blake Shaw

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When should you start preparing for a move? Ideally, the preparation should begin at least two months before the relocation. However, moving day preparation is different since it is unique in many respects, and you will have to perform certain special tasks. Without good organization, things can get hectic, and as a result, stress can become overwhelming. However, with proper advice, that can be avoided.

#1 Include Moving Day Preparation Task in Your Checklist Relocation

Is there a checklist for moving? Relocating to another state checklist is one of the most important things if you want your relocation to be efficient and pleasant. If you still haven’t written one, we suggest taking pen and paper immediately. However, final preparations can be added later, and it shouldn’t create any problems. However, by “later,” we mean at least a week or two before relocation, not the night before. Of course, last-minute relocations do happen, but this article will deal with regular long-distance moves.


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#2 Get Your Eight Hours of Sleep the Night Before

What is the first thing to do on a moving day? Have a hearty breakfast after a good (and ideally quite long) sleep. You will have to get up early in the morning, regardless of whether you have hired some USA auto transport company and a long-distance relocating company or have decided to do everything by yourself. In both cases, you will have to be at least present while the loading of your possessions takes place in order to be certain that everything will be moved safely. Keep in mind that without professional help, you will most likely have to lift and carry a lot of heavy stuff, so a good night’s rest is even more important.

It Is Best to Say Goodbye to Your Friends and Family a Week or So Before the Moving Day

Try to avoid saying goodbye to your loved ones the night before if you are relocating to another state alone. First of all, you won’t get the needed rest as such events often turn into parties. But also, this is one of the most psychologically difficult parts of relocation. Although there won’t be any problem staying in touch with your friends, often one of the main reasons for relocation anxiety is the feeling that you haven’t spent enough time with them before departing.

Two girls smiling and drinking
Saying goodbye to your friends is the hardest part of every relocation, but a necessary one

#3 Prepare Your Home for Movers

If you have decided to choose a relocation company, both your home and possessions have to be prepared in advance in order for movers to be able to perform their duty. Here is what has to be done.

Check whether everything is clean

Do one final examination of whether you have emptied all kitchen and bathroom appliances and dusted everything else. Movers will refuse to move dirty items.

Check whether everything is in good condition

This depends on the relocating company’s regulations, but questions like – “Should you empty drawers when moving?” or “Do you need to remove clothes from the dresser for movers?” are common. Hence, it is best to ask a certain company to provide you with their rules and regulations and organize packing to move accordingly.

Remove all banned items

What should you not pack when moving? One thing that all relocation companies have in common is that they will refuse to move combustible items and substances, chemicals, food, plants, and pets. Hence, leave everything from the list of banned items out if you want to avoid unnecessary delays.

Prepare your home appropriately

Ideally, the best time to move out of state is during spring and summer when it is sunny and dry. However, relocations when it is snowing or raining are common as well (they are recommended if you are relocating on a tight relocation budget,) but you will have to ensure that your place doesn’t get too dirty (the most important thing is to protect floors).

Provide hygiene supplies

Since we are relocating during the coronavirus, it is important to provide some basic hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizers and towels for all workers involved.

Decide on gratuities

Are you supposed to give gratuities? The only answer we can give is to state that relocating crews provide invaluable help during relocation, especially when it comes to packing furniture. However, this is a personal matter as there aren’t any gratuity regulations. Hence, it is best to decide how much to tip according to your financial situation and, more importantly, according to the quality of service.

Preparing Your Car for Movers Requires Special Tips

Shipping cars in the USA is a common thing, and in most cases (especially if you are relocating from the West Coast to East Coast, for example,) it is much more cost effective to book a car shipping company than to drive by yourself. However, there are certain things that have to be considered.

Type of transportation

The most important thing to decide is whether to purchase enclosed auto transport or open trailer transportation. Weather is the main factor, as summer and winter auto shipping are different. Open auto transport is the best option when you are sure that the weather will be nice, but if the weather forecast says that there is a chance of some heavy precipitation, enclosed car shipping might be the better option.

Type of delivery

Whichever renowned auto shipping you select, there will be two options for delivery – door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. When choosing between these two options, it is best to see how far the terminal will be located away from your new house.

Preparing the car

As with household possessions, cars also have to be prepared for the relocation crew. In short, you will have to provide all the necessary documentation, wash the vehicle thoroughly, empty the gas tank, and remove any external accessories, but it is best to check with the auto transport company what has to be done.

#4 Take Care of Your Children Before the Relocation Crew Arrives

If you are relocating with kids, they will demand special attention while the packing takes place. The best thing to do is to separate them completely from the entire process. This means that you should either find a babysitter, family member, or friend that can take care of your child while the relocation crew does their job. Kids find this experience stressful as there will be a lot of unfamiliar faces and loud noises.

This is even more important if you have decided to deal with all the packing and storing by yourself. The last thing you want is your child running around while carrying a heavy furniture piece. If you can’t find anyone to look after your kids, pack one room in advance and use it as a safe space for them. Make sure to leave their favorite toys or video games in order to keep them entertained.

Pets Require Similar Attention as Children During Relocation

If you are relocating with pets, they will require special attention. Depending on which type of pet you own, you will need to get special containers for traveling and the right amount of food. In addition, especially if you are a dog owner, it is best to find someone to take care of them while the relocating crew is present. They experience even higher levels of stress and anxiety than children.

Two babies sitting in suitcases
Toddlers experience a lot of stress during relocations

#5 – Double Check Whether You Have Everything in Your Boxes of Essentials

Relocating essentials are necessary, and if you forget them, it can really make your traveling and settling in the new city difficult. Basically, boxes of essentials contain items that are necessary for the normal functioning of everyday life. That is important for relocations as you will need them while unpacking after the move takes place. Here is a list of the ones that you definitely shouldn’t forget:

  • Important documents,
  • Money,
  • Valuables like jewelry,
  • Bedding,
  • Toiletry,
  • Clothes for a few days,
  • Kitchenware,
  • Snack for the journey,
  • Pet food and documents.

Of course, if you are relocating with your family, each family member should have a box of essentials prepared. Here is a video that can help you with arranging these boxes, as people tend to forget basic stuff the most.

YouTube video

Load Containers With Essentials and Your Children’s and Pets’ Possessions the Last

Whether you have hired professionals or are loading everything by yourself, pack the containers with these possessions last. First of all, immediately after arriving at the new place, you will need the essentials. But also, a piece of frequent relocation advice is to furnish the rooms for your children and pets first, as that will alleviate any relocation stress that they might be experiencing.

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#6 Dress Appropriately

Another thing that can make your relocation miserable is being dressed inappropriately. Hence, make sure to follow the weather forecast both for your hometown and the state you are relocating to and have adequate clothes prepared for both (you can follow the weather across the USA on the Weather Channel). If you are packing and loading your possessions without professional help, it is recommended that you wear long-sleeved articles of clothes and comfortable trainers. However, during the journey, you should feel as comfortable as possible.

#7 Get All the Necessary Tools and Equipment if You Are Relocating by Yourself

If you have decided to move all your belongings with just the help of your friends, tools and equipment will be required as there will be a lot of heavy lifting. The following items should be present during packing:

  • Lifting straps,
  • Utility dollies,
  • Ramps,
  • Sliders,
  • Toolbox,
  • Protective gear.

However, we have to state that this is where relocation crews prove their worth, as relocating furniture and appliances can be quite dangerous. If you have firmly decided that you don’t need professional assistance, make sure to learn the appropriate lifting, pushing, and pulling techniques in order to avoid injuries.

Label All Containers Before Loading Onto a Truck

Don’t forget to label all the containers that you are relocating. In most cases, there will be at least a dozen of them, and if they are not properly labeled, confusion is bound to arise once the unpacking starts. There are many labeling methods to check out, and stickers are available in home supplies stores. But what is most important, this doesn’t take much time to do at all.

A person lifting a sofa
If you have to lift furniture by yourself, learn how to do it, and ask your friends or family for assistance

These Tips Help a Lot When Preparing for Relocation

What to expect on moving day? As you can see, even though we are talking about a time period of twenty-four hours, a lot has to be done. It is natural to feel nervous. However, once everything gets underway, you will see that nothing will be too difficult. With the help of the right information and good organization, you will be able to overcome all the relocation difficulties and arrive at your destination safely and in a good mood.

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