Moving to Another State Checklist if You’re Single

June 22, 2022Moving Tips
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What are things to consider when you move out on your own? When relocating, you will have many things to take care of. And, if you’re single, it might seem overwhelming at a certain point. However, there is nothing to worry about. With a good moving to another state checklist, you will be able to accomplish all relocation tasks without any trouble.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Move? -The First Thing on Moving to Another State Checklist Is to Find a Home

In a way, when relocating to another location alone, people have an advantage when hunting for a home. This is when you will be able to decide on everything according to your needs. Above all, you will be able to choose whether to live on your own or with a roommate.

Many people who choose to relocate alone do it because they want to start an independent life. However, having a roommate can also be good, especially when your relocation budget is tight.

“Do Research” Should Be On Your Checklist for Moving Out of State

What to consider before moving to another state? Although this is not obligatory, doing research on the location you are relocating to is extremely important when deciding where to live. It is crucial to know the cost of living and whether your financial status will be able to support all the expenses.

Also, it is useful to read about the city you are relocating to in order to adapt to the new environment more quickly. Fortunately, research is, nowadays, easily performed via the internet, and websites such as Numbeo (specifically designed for cost of living statistics) help a lot.



Try to Visit the City That You Are Relocating to if Possible

If you can’t decide between two cities, or you are simply not convinced by the information on the internet, try to check out the location in person. If you are relocating to a big city, it is best to limit yourself to a few neighborhoods and go visit them. Furthermore, if you have found potential places to live, this is the opportunity to go and inspect these properties. Also, meet the landlords or real estate agents if you are planning to buy real estate.

Woman smiling in the sunshine weather
Relocating on your own gives you a lot of new opportunities

You Should Create Your New Home Inventory List Weeks Before the Long-Distance Relocation

What’s the easiest way to move? The most frequent relocation tip you will get from any relocation company is to downsize for the move. When you are single and relocating to a new state, creating a new apartment list is not that difficult since only your own possessions are considered. When you decide what to get rid of, you can either donate or try to organize a garage sale for some extra cash.

To-do list
To stay organized on the to do list should be things related to a new home

How Hard Is It to Move to Another State? – Without the Help of Professionals It Can Be Difficult to Move

Decide whether to hire a professional relocating service or not. This has to be put on top of your moving to a new state checklist. It can be argued whether movers are essential. However, one thing is for sure, they can make your life much easier when relocating. Especially if you are single.

The thing is, you will need various moving services. Hiring professional movers means you will be covered during the whole move:


Packing could be quite tricky, especially when relocating alone. You will need adequate packing materials for relocation, and you will need to know how to pack everything appropriately (especially important when packing fragile items). With professional relocation companies, you will not have to worry about whether your items are secured for transport and protected for storage.


Storage services are often required when relocating to a new location, and booking storage units on your own can be costly. More importantly, it often happens that storage units are in poor condition, which can be dangerous for your items. Storage units provided by a reputable relocation company are always in good condition, and they will happily let you inspect everything if needed.

Auto Transport

Your car might be the hardest thing to relocate since it requires special preparation. Luckily, you can hire a good USA auto transport company and choose between door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping, and open trailer transport service or enclosed transport. But, most importantly, with a car shipping company, you will be relaxed knowing that your car will safely arrive at the new address.


While transporting your items across the country, accidents might happen, and it is necessary to insure everything against damages. Relocation companies automatically insure all your belongings, but you can also further purchase more extensive types of insurance if needed.

Create a Plan for Your Relocation Budget Before Booking Any Services

Your relocation budget will have to cover everything, and it is always good to have a few dollars left after you have arrived at your new address. Therefore, sit down, take a pen and paper, and start writing down all potential relocation expenses.

It is absolutely possible to save money on relocation costs. You just have to decide what services you truly need. The good idea is to invite a couple of appraisers from a few different relocation companies and compare the prices. You can do the same when calculating car shipping costs.

A man carrying two containers
Professional movers make a lot of difference, especially when relocating alone

You Have to Notify All the Authorities and Obtain All the Necessary Documentation

Learn who to notify about relocation and how to organize important documents at home. This is another point that has to be placed high on the checklist for moving to another state. The bureaucratic obligations will certainly require time, and it is a good idea to start collecting all important documents as soon as you decide to relocate.

When it comes to notifying, here is a list of authorities and people that have to know about your relocation:

  • Companies that provide you with basic utilities,
  • Financial institutions,
  • Healthcare institutions and your health insurance company,
  • Educational institutions, if you are attending one,
  • Your boss,
  • Your landlord,
  • Other services that you might be subscribed to.
Relaxed asian woman with laptop looking for job opportunities online, having phone conversation with employer, happy young korean lady sitting on couch at home, using notebook, copy space
Before the moving day notify important institutions about your relocation

How Can I Move Without a Job? – It Is Possible but Better Start Looking for a Job on Time if You Don’t Have One

Relocations without a job are frequent occurrences. However, since you are relocating alone, knowing that you are unemployed can add more relocation anxiety.

It is perfectly possible to get a job in another location before relocating there. You just have to be active and browse through ads. You are bound to find a company that will interest you.

Enclosed Auto Transport

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Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Is It Smart to Move to Another State Without a Job?

The answer to this question depends on your financial situation. As mentioned before, you have to calculate the relocation cost and the cost of living and then take into account your savings. Many people fall into despair because they can’t find a job that interests them or suits their field expertise.

Yes, this is demoralizing, but if you end up in such a situation, know that it won’t be permanent. Therefore, try to find a bridge job until the right opportunity arises. Having a job is important when relocating alone. Especially since you will be able to quickly meet different people and establish close relationships.

A woman using a phone and a laptop
Before the big move start looking for a job

You Have to Clean the Entire House or Apartment Before You Relocate

People often forget to put this on the moving across country checklist, and it ends up costing them a lot of money. If you are relocating alone, you will certainly want your deposit back from the landlord in order to increase the relocation budget.

However, you won’t get your deposit back if you leave the place dirty once everything is packed. Also, if you are the owner and plan to sell your real estate, poor conditions can significantly affect the price. Therefore, be sure to dedicate some time to thorough home cleaning.

Here is a useful video on how to properly clean your place before relocating away.

YouTube video

How Do I Start Over and Move Out of State? – By Having a Proper Farewell Party

This might be the hardest thing to reconcile with when relocating alone. But “saying farewell to your friends and family” has to be on your moving out of state checklist. Hence, be sure to dedicate as much time as you think is necessary to your loved ones.

Throw a farewell party or go out with your friends to some nightclub, whatever suits your style. Depression after relocation can happen. Especially if you start thinking that you haven’t said goodbye or dedicated enough time to a family member or a friend.

Here Are Some Additional Tips That Can Make Your Long-Distance Relocation Much Easier

We understand that the notion of having to relocate alone is frightening at first. However, many people have relocated successfully before you, and many will after. Therefore, take comfort in the fact that there is much useful information out there that will help you move much more efficiently. Here are some relocation hacks and tips:

Prepare a Bag of Essentials

During long-distance relocations, a bag of relocating essentials will be your best friend that will make the journey and first few days after settling much easier. This bag should contain all your valuable items ( jewelry, money, important documents), basic hygiene supplies, clothing for a few days, bed sheets, and basic kitchen utensils.

Follow the Weather Forecast

On a relocation day, you will want to be dressed as comfortably as possible. Don’t forget that unpacking has to be performed once you have arrived at the new address, and temperatures can be quite different, especially if you are relocating from a coastal to an inland location.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Assistance

If you have decided not to hire a professional relocating company, you have to stay in touch with your friends and ask them for help when the packing starts. Preparing everything alone can take a long time, but more importantly, lifting heavy objects alone is extremely difficult and dangerous.

Take With You Some Sentimental Objects

People who relocate alone often find it more difficult to adapt to a different environment. Making your new place feel like home can help a lot in the beginning. Therefore, don’t forget to pack your favorite book, armchair, painting, or something else that has sentimental value.

Check for Relocation Tips and Hacks

You should go on the internet and check for all types of blogs concerning relocation. From how to spot relocation scams to how to pack a piano (depending, of course, on what you need). There are also countless videos on YouTube that can make your relocation much easier. And, finally, don’t hesitate to ask relocation companies for advice. Reputable movers will be happy to assist with useful information, and you will be able to plan everything using the best possible information.

With a Good To-Do List, You Will Relocate to Another Place Without Any Troubles

What steps should you take to move to another state? As you can see, many things must be done, and without proper preparation and organization, it can seem overwhelming when relocating alone. Therefore, if you are thinking about relocating, don’t jump immediately to hiring professional services and packing. It is best first to take a sheet of paper and write down a clear plan for relocation.

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