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Best way to prepare your vehicle for shipping

Best way to prepare your vehicle for shipping

When the time comes, and we decide to ship our vehicles there is always some hesitance because we will be giving our keys to a stranger and won’t know what is happening to the vehicle when it is out of sight. This feeling is all too common for those who are transporting their car for the first time.

After all the car is a symbol of freedom, it gives you the option to go wherever you want to go whenever you want, plus it probably something that you have come to rely on a lot on your day to day life. USA Auto Transport knows what a car represents to its owner, and since we share the same love of vehicles, we are here to provide you with a solution. We want to eliminate the doubt and hesitance of shipping your vehicle by helping you out and making sure that you have an exceptional transportation experience. Whether it is your first time transporting your vehicle with us or your hundred and first time working with us, we aim to provide the same quality and attention to detail to all moves.

Finding an auto transportation company that is dedicated to your move is just the first step. Once you do that there are still some things that you can do to make sure that you have the best possible transportation experience. Sticking to the following steps will ensure that your vehicle is brought to you in the same condition as when you shipped it.

Carry out an inspection of your vehicle for any damages before transportation.

The first step that you can take to ensure you have a good experience in shipping your vehicle is to know exactly what you are working with when it comes to your vehicle. You will want to go over your vehicle and see if there is any pre-existing damage. This step will help you see if your vehicle has sustained any damages during transportation. For the inspection to be carried out as efficiently as possible you will want to make sure that your vehicle is clean, so make sure that you wash your vehicle thoroughly before inspecting it. Washing your vehicle will remove any layers of dirt and will expose any physical damage that the vehicle might have.

Record your findings

Once you carry out an inspection, you will want to record everything you find wrong with the car. Having a written record of any damage, such as scratches, dents, chips, bumps or any other aesthetic damages. Along with the written statement, it is a good idea to have photographs of the damage. The photos should be clear and have shots from multiple angles, as well as close-ups, this will confirm that the photos are original. You should also date the pictures and the written record so as to confirm the time at which they were taken. Once you have gone through all these steps, which should only take you a couple of minutes, you can then move on to the next step.

Inform your transporter

Talking to your transporter and informing them of the state of your car is always a good move. It will show them that you take your vehicle seriously and that you will know if anything is up. Make sure that the transporter takes note of your records.

Remove all personal belongings and custom products from the vehicle

Many people wonder why this step is mentioned and why it is so important. They are probably used to leaving things in their car and not worrying what will happen. People who question removing items are usually unaware of how the transportation process goes. Your vehicle will probably be unlocked during the shipping process so that it can be quickly accessed by the transporters for the multiple inspections, loadings, and unloading during the transportation process. This means that your personal belongings and custom products could be at risk of theft during this period, it is best to remove all the products and items from the vehicle before the move starts to eliminate this possibility. A good alternative is to ship these products separately.
When it comes to personal items, you will come to find that many auto transporters will refuse to transport your car if it is packed with personal belongings. If they are caught transporting goods in the vehicle, they can be charged since they are not authorized to transport goods, only vehicles. Even the insurance issued during transportation will not cover items transported in the interior of the car. To avoid giving the transporter and yourself a headache it is best to remove all personal items from the interior of the vehicle and the trunk of the car. Another reason to remove the items from your car is that they can get dislodged or move during transportation and cause damage to your vehicle or to other vehicles being transported, for which you will be held responsible. If that weren’t enough to convince you to change your mind, the extra items would also make the car heavier, influencing the overall price of the move.
Make sure that the toll tags and the parking passes are not in the vehicle during transportation
If you have any toll tags or parking passes it is best to remove them from the vehicle completely or to make sure that they are deactivated. If they are left in the vehicle as they may end up being charged on their way to your destination, giving you an additional fee that could easily be avoided. Even worse these items are sometimes are targeted by thieves and could be stolen from your vehicle.

Make sure your car is prepared for transportation.

Despite the fact that your vehicle will be transported by a mover and will not be driven a lot during the transportation process, it is still important that your vehicle is in good condition. A good condition means that the vehicle can be turned on. An inoperable vehicle needs to be reported to the transporters ahead of time so that they can make the necessary preparations for transportation. If the vehicle is functioning, then it should be inspected for problems with the engine and other mechanical damages that may cause an issue for the transporters or the shipment. It is recommended that you have a maintenance check done before you transport your car.
Make sure that the following things are checked and are in good working condition
Check the car battery and make sure that it is charged
Check the tires and make sure that they are properly inflated
Make sure there is enough gas in your car to start it. It Is recommended that you have about a quarter of your gas in the vehicle during transportation. A full gas tank is not recommended since it will add to the overall weight of the vehicle.
Take the vehicle to the mechanic for a check up. Vehicles are likely to experience some wear and tear as time passes by and it is a good idea to take it to a mechanic to have it checked out for any leakage or mechanical issues. If there are any, make sure that you inform the movers about them so that they can prepare.
Write down any specific instructions for your vehicle and hand it over to the transporter. These problems include anything you might know such as problems in starting the vehicle, brake problems, lights and so on. Make sure the transporter is aware of any flaws.
Make sure vehicle is ready for on loading and offloading
When the time comes for your vehicle to be loaded onto the mover, it is best that you have done everything to ensure your vehicle is secure. The more time you spend on preparing your car, the higher the chances are that your vehicle will arrive in excellent condition. Depending on the type of transporter, you should take certain things into consideration. Make sure that you mirrors are tucked away and that your antennas are retracted fully. Disable the alarm system, since you don’t want the alarm to go off incessantly during transportation. If you have not disabled the alarm, give your transporter instructions on how to do it in case anything happens. If you have any particular addition such as a spoiler, fog lights or anything else make sure that they are secured or removed if possible.
If you go by the following steps, then you are sure to get your car back in the same condition as you have left it. These steps will help ensure that no further damage befalls your vehicle during transportation, even though the chances of any damages occurring are really small, you can never be too careful. For more information about transporting your vehicle visit USA Auto Transport.