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Things That Can Go Wrong During Long Distance Moves

Things That Can Go Wrong During Long Distance Moves

Have you decided to move to a new home? Although you expect it to be fun, long distance moves are usually tiring most of the time, and you cannot wait to arrive at your final destination. Can you make them fun? Certainly! But there are so many things that can go wrong during long distance moves.wants you to be safe on the road, so here are the things that can go wrong during long distance moves.

Natural Disasters

This seems far-fetched, but is it? Being caught in a hurricane or a blizzard when you are driving is not that common, but it happens. You should know that America is the most diverse place when it comes to climate and geographical features in the world. There is completely different weather in the north, south, east or west part of the country. From the devastating heat in Arizona deserts to floods and hurricanes that strike various ends of the country often, America has it all. Driving long distance doesn’t seem such a good idea now, does it?

Traffic Jams and Parking Issues

When we think about what can go wrong when moving long distance, one of the first things that come to mind is traffic jams, parking issues, or moving injuries. Depending on where you are moving from and moving to, traffic jams can be a real nightmare during the moving process. This is especially true for metropolises and large cities like New York City. If you are planning on moving during a workday, try to avoid the time when the streets are crowded with people going home from work. Also, make sure that you have reserved a parking spot for the moving truck. Sometimes there won’t be enough space for the moving truck, so make sure that you check the size of the moving truck before reserving the parking lot. If there is no parking space, be sure that searching for a new parking spot will add extra costs.

Cars and trucks stuck in a traffic jam

Tickets and Fines

Another reason why you should be careful on long distance moves is getting a ticket. The chances of getting a ticket for speeding or some other violation increase the longer you stay behind the wheel. Moreover, there are a bunch of speed traps you need to keep in mind, and at the end of your road trip, you might have to cough up more money than you initially intended.

Police cruiser on patrol
Police cruiser on patrol

Extra Costs

Extra costs when moving long distance, are a real horror. What causes these extra costs?

  • When packing specific items will require extra protection, so you have to buy specialized moving boxes or packing supplies to provide protection.
  • Sometimes the movers will have to work overtime to complete the move, which means you might have to pay overtime.
  • If your new home doesn’t have enough room to move all your things into it immediately, you will have to pay for storage.
  • Of course, during almost every move, some items get lost or break. So you have to include those costs. And yes, getting moving insurance is not mandatory, but is highly recommended, which is more extra costs.
  • And if you have something that needs to be delivered as soon as possible, express delivery also means extra costs.
Unexpected expenses can quickly drain your moving budget
Unexpected expenses can quickly drain your moving budget

Driver Fatigue

The best way to go on long distance moves is with someone who is a good driver as well. That way, you can switch behind the wheel, which will allow you some time to rest. If you are the sole driver, you need to get ready to be beaten down and tired for most of the trip.

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Traveling with someone will allow you to get some rest during the trip

Problems Protecting Your Items

The way you pack your things for long distance moves is very important.

  • First of all, you have to follow a laid out plan, packing room by room. Incorrectly packing your things can cause things to go wrong during the move.
  • Don’t overpack the moving boxes and don’t put too many large items into one box. You can’t handle that and there is a possibility that you can drop it.
  • It is important that the moving boxes are easier to carry and are protected against any potential impacts, which will make it easier to load them onto the moving truck.

Sentimental and valuable items will require extra protection. You can use old magazines, towels, clothes or bubble wrap to provide additional protection to all the fragile items you are moving. If you can, take your most valuable items with you. If you have hired a moving company, make sure that you oversee them as they work.

No Phone Reception

Sometimes, you are not taking a road trip from one major city to another. If you are going to the country and you want to explore the nature and surroundings, as well as to see some particular place that is off the beaten track, get ready to have no reception on your phone. You will be driving down some deserted roads, and for some time, you will not be able to call anyone. In case of a collision or a mechanical breakdown, you better hope someone pulls over to help you.

Not all areas will have good reception
Not all areas will have good reception

Mechanical Issues

It is essential that you double-check your car before you start your long distance move. Even if you do, there is always a possibility that you will get a flat tire. Some other problems are also possible, and you better avoid them. But how can you do that?
With USA Auto Transport, you can ship your car to any place in the United States, and this will not be expensive. We offer reasonable prices because we know nothing can replace the peace of mind our services provide. For more information about car shipping with USA Auto Transport, call us today!

Mechanics can be hard to reach when moving long distance
Mechanics can be hard to reach when moving long distance