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Best Affordable Cars for Students

A lot of your people move to another state because of college. High school graduates are looking for the best universities, and each year, students move to big cities to achieve their goals and pursue their career later on. Life in college can be occasionally stressful, but what would make it easier for students is if they would have a car. They can run different errands around the city and save a lot of time. If you are looking to buy a car for your future doctor, lawyer or engineer, here are some of the most affordable choices.

Nissan Versa

If you want modest amenities and economical car, you should go with the Nissan Versa. For a small price, the Versa is the perfect choice for economics majors, for instance. However, there is a lot more to this car than what meets the eye. The Versa comes with power windows and door locks, Vehicle Dynamic Control and Traction Control System.

Hyundai Accent

The Accent is one of the best cars you can get for the price which is estimated at $10K. Reviews about this model are positive, and if you are looking for an affordable model that looks handsome, the Accent is the car to consider. Moreover, Hyundai offers both basic and drivetrain warranty which means that even if something happens to this car, you will have no additional costs.

Smart ForTwo

The Smart ForTwo is an excellent car for college students. It is small and economical. They will be able to run their errands quickly and efficiently, and Smart is excellent for those who have issues with parking. This thing can be parked everywhere easily. You can go for the new model or the used one, but the Smart is going to fulfill its purpose.

Chevrolet Aveo

There are no American vehicles on this list mostly because they are large off-roaders and SUVs with big engines. But the Chevrolet Aveo differs, and it is an economical car suitable for every college student. While there are not too many amenities inside, the Chevy Aveo is such a handsome car every student would be delighted to have.

Kia Rio

According to Car and Driver, the Kia Rio is “cute and fun to drive.” This sums up the Rio, which is an extremely affordable car. Just like the Chevy before it, the Rio looks incredible from the outside and has a spacious interior. For those students who are going on trips, the Rio would be a nice car to take.

Toyota Yaris

Another tiny car on the list is the Toyota Yaris. Although the Yaris may not be the best model you can get, if you want a reliable vehicle, here it is. You can drive the Yaris and feel completely safe, and although it is affordable, this model has the styling more expensive cars want!
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