How to Buy a Car Online – Skip the Traditional Ways

November 25, 2019Car Tips and Tricks
Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

Just imagine having the perk of purchasing a brand new or a certified used car without wasting time at the dealership. If this sounds like a dream come true – you need to find out how to buy a car online from the comfort of your home as soon as possible.

Times have changed so much, and the good news is that you can finish the entire process online and pick up your car when it’s ready. When you shop online, you can browse so much more and find better options than going to random dealerships.

You need some experience and practice in the field, and you will easily pick up the most important vehicle buying techniques. The entire market is now more accessible to you – you can easily find related webpages with excellent online offers. Review some of the most useful tips below, and you are on course to buy a vehicle online, sell your old one, or trade.

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Review the Key Points – Do Your Online Research

The Internet is full of resources. First of all, you have to decide what kind of vehicle you are looking for. If you have a big family, buying a Mini Morris might not be the best solution for you. The average use of the vehicle is also important. Some of these key factors will also help you determine the budget you are setting aside for your new vehicle. Make use of Internet sources and start digging right away!

A woman with a laptop
Choose the best option.

How to Buy a Car Online – Find the Best Online Auto Buying Rates

Webpages such as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book can give you ideas about the vehicle you need to look for unless you already set your eyes on a certain one. In case you are thinking about a specific used car, get familiar with its history. You can run the vehicle identification number (VIN) on websites such as AutoCheck and Carfax.

Unless you genuinely want to enjoy a real-life shopping experience, purchasing a vehicle online seems reasonable. It’s all about the method you are used to.

Watch a Video with a Price Haggle – You Will Like This Method

Learning how to negotiate the price of the cars is all about your performance and skill. The more persuasive one is the one that wins. If you are opting for online salespeople, you don’t have to spend hours getting ready for your visit to the nearby sell point. In case you lack sales techniques, and you are afraid that you won’t be able to negotiate the prices you want, relax. With the Internet purchasing method, you will be fine!

Start online fishing by choosing a few dealers in your area and contact their online sales department. After you get a follow-up email, include the features of the vehicle you are interested in. Once they offer you the quoted price, double-check if this is a fixed cost – are there any additional fees? A dealer will always try to put forward the option that looks more tempting. Once you receive the quote, send it to other dealers to get a better price. There are even some websites that can negotiate the costs for you, such as Truecar and Vinadvisor.

Don’t Queue – Making the Most Without a Share of Stressful Face-To-Face Negotiations

The best about online sales is that there is no queuing. Forget about hours of wasted time in a dealership with other purchasers. All that seems a bit messy, doesn’t it? When you visit a selling point, you have to come ready with some pro sales techniques. It seems a bit too stressful if you lack those. Thankfully, with online salespeople, you don’t have to worry about that at all!

Even if you are purchasing the vehicle from the dealer’s internet sales department, you will probably be able to schedule a test drive at the dealership. Make the necessary appointment online without queuing for hours.

Car on a snowy road
Do some googling and find the best vehicle.

The Most Important Step – Find the Right Model Before You Check the Available Loans

Which type of buyer are you? Do you already know exactly what kind of a vehicle you want, even the color and design, or do you have no idea what you should be aiming for? Before you decide which vehicle you need, don’t think too much about the loans and the financial aspects.

Tackle the parts of the online purchasing process one by one.

There are so many cars available – you have to make the right decision. The vehicle reviews can help you determine if that is the one you are looking for. The bottom line is that you can always visit a dealership, sit in the driver’s seat, and see if that vehicle is the one for you. If you don’t like the offers, leave! No one can force you to purchase a car you don’t like.

four wheeler on the street
Set your sight on the right one.

Square Away the Financial Side – Get Preapproved for a Credit Loan

The most important step of the car purchasing process is to arrange the financial side of the procedure. Be aware of the tempting advertising tools that most dealers use – don’t rush into anything! Check the loan rates at your bank before you consider the offer from the dealer. If you are familiar with both sides, it will be easier to decide. You can check your local bank, credit union, or other auto-loan comparison tools. From there on, you can apply online for a preapproval. Don’t just look at the monthly rates – focus on the overall annual percentage rate.

person driving
Take your new vehicle and drive away.

Visit the Dealer and Complete the Purchase

The final part of the procedure is to visit the dealer and complete the sale. By now, you are supposed to have an almost complete deal from the online negotiations with the overall sales expenses, including fees and taxes, either through the preapproved loan offers or the dealer’s financial offer. Make sure you read carefully all the purchase-related paperwork you are supposed to sign. Check if the costs mentioned there are the ones you negotiated. If the deal in the paper matches the one you signed for, there is no reason to worry.

Consider Auto Transport Services

In case your seller is not located near your home, you might end up having to choose an auto transport company to ship your car using an open or enclosed trailer. If this is the case, it is important that you know how car shipping works and what transporting cars from state to state actually entails. Avoid common mistakes when shipping, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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