How to Ship a Car From Los Angeles to New York Without a Fuss?

June 28, 2022Car Shipping Essentials
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Those relocating cross-country often need help with handling their car, especially when their move implies a relocation from one coast to another. If you want your vehicle to have the best possible treatment during the move, find out how to ship a car from Los Angeles to New York properly. Follow our tips and make sure your car stays safe and intact.

In order to ship a car from Los Angeles to New York City smoothly, you’ll need to hire skillful, devoted, and experienced professionals. For the ultimate relocation experience and maximum protection, choose door-to-door transport in an enclosed trailer. You must also be certain the carrier is insured in case of an accident. To avoid any misunderstandings in the future, take a picture of the vehicle’s current condition and compare it to the one after the move.

What Do You Need to Know About Driving in NYC?

While driving in Los Angeles is almost impossible to avoid, people often fear driving in NYC and instead choose to enjoy the benefits of public transportation. However, do you want to avoid being crowded daily by numerous unfamiliar faces on a bus or a subway? Are you against wasting a fortune by getting a cab whenever you need to be somewhere? Do you want to be able to visit exciting places around NYC when you feel like it? If the answer is yes, then transferring a car from California to New York City is a must.

While both LA and NYC are considered highly congested cities, NYC has recently taken the lead in that department. You’ll need some period to get used to driving in the city, even with all the patients and skills mastered in LA traffic. Impatient drivers, jaywalking pedestrians, impossible parking, and road signs that change regularly – it all can be overwhelming at the beginning. However, soon you’ll realize that owning a car in NYC offers so much more benefits than living without it.


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Get the Best USA Auto Transport Company to Help You Ship a Car from Los Angeles to New York City

When you want the best car shipping experience, the first thing you need to do is search for a professional that can provide you with it. Make sure you look for a trustworthy team with years of experience in the business and proven auto transport skills.

So you don’t end up doing business with an unreliable team and avoid overcharges, damage, unnecessary delays, or even unauthorized moves, consider:

Checking the company's credentials

How can you check if the company is legitimate? All registered relocation trucks and trailers must be licensed and insured. You can simply check if that’s the case using their US DOT number on FMCSA’s website. While you’re at it, see if the registered name and address match with those you’ve read on the company’s website.

Looking for recommendations

No one will provide you with a better insight into how a company’s doing business than previous customers. Simultaneously, don’t end your search on the auto transport reviews from the company’s site. Check BBB and relevant third-party sites to get a more objective picture.

Getting a quote from several different companies

Stay clear from teams that demand huge deposits up-front, but also those whose initial quote is suspiciously cheap. Simultaneously, get informed about factors on which the final price is based to reduce the chances of being manipulated.

Assessing the level of professionalism

If the team’s representatives are deliberately rude, won’t or can’t answer your questions, arrive late, or act disrespectful in any other way, they shouldn’t be the ones handling your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Car from California to New York?

How much does it cost to ship a car from Los Angeles to New York? There are several factors impacting the final bill, like:

  • The distance – it’s not the same if you want to relocate the car to the neighboring state or all the way across the country. Therefore, prepare for the higher costs of shipping a car from California to NYC;
  • Model, make, and year of the car – more often than not, luxury car transport costs more;
  • Seasonshipping a car in winter, for example, is much more affordable than doing so in the peak of the relocation season (from April to September);
  • Transportation method – different transportation options come with different costs;
  • Current and future location – typically, city routes are more affordable than rural ones;
  • Size and weight of the car – transporting larger and heavier vehicles costs more;
  • Vehicle’s condition – some companies can even transport inoperable vehicles, but it usually costs more.
Factors That Impact the Cost of Car Shipping from California to New York
Factors That Impact the Cost of Car Shipping from California to New York

Choose a Full-Service Relocation Company to Reduce the Costs

Some moving companies can provide many relocation-related services. Combining basic long-distance moving services with additional packing and storage services, for example, will help you move efficiently and promptly – as will adding professional auto transport. However, when choosing a relocation company, remember that some provide significant discounts if you hire them for both relocation and car shipment. It’s an excellent solution for when you want to save on relocation costs, so make sure you get informed about the companies offering it.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

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Enclosed Auto Transport

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Pick the Type of Trailer According to Your Needs and Possibilities

Typically, when contacting the company’s representatives, you’ll be asked to choose between open and enclosed auto transport services. To select a preferable type, you first must set your priorities straight and decide what you value more – lower price or added security.

Open trailers represent the cheapest way to ship a car and are a far more common choice, especially for those relocating to another state on a tight budget. Additionally, they usually imply faster car shipment than closed trailers. However, as their name points out, they come without a cover, which can be an issue for some. Even with the most trustworthy drivers, some factors like weather conditions or road debris can still damage the vehicle’s exterior.

If you own some of the most expensive cars, a classic or luxurious model, or if you value the safety of your car above anything else, you should get an enclosed trailer. Although a costlier solution, it maximizes the protection and can provide you with complete peace of mind. When you want to move without a fuss, choose this option – if your finances allow it.

Select the Pickup and the Delivery Auto Transport Option That Suits You the Best

After choosing the carrier type, you’ll also have to select a suitable pickup and delivery option. Terminal-to-terminal car shipping services are there for those who want to save up since it’s a more affordable option. However, it’s also a great solution when you can’t be present for the driver’s arrival, and even necessary if you’re living in a rural area.

Still, for a smooth move, door-to-door auto transport is a much more convenient choice. It means that you can hand over a car outside your old home and get it in front of your future one – no additional work needed. If you can afford to spend a bit more, it is definitely worth the price. In case there are rules against truck parking on your future street (which is highly possible in NYC), the driver will simply deliver the vehicle to the closest location.

Is It Possible to Move Multiple Vehicles at Once?

Both of these carriers allow you to move more than one car simultaneously. However, regarding trailers’ capacities, note that open trailers can fit more vehicles than closed ones. Suppose you have a commercial move, for example, and must move multiple cars across the country. In that case, always be sure to ask the company’s representatives about the maximum number of vehicles in each carrier and then make a decision based on that information.

usa auto transport
Larger capacity is one of the benefits open trailers provide

Make Sure the Cars in Trailers Are Fully Insured

No team can guarantee they will move a car to another state damage-free since countless things can go wrong during such a long drive. However, the good thing is that many reputable companies offer insurance cost-free. However, the insurance amount will most likely depend on your chosen carrier. Generally, closed trailers have much higher insurances than open ones – one more reason to choose them as your preferred trailer type.

usa auto transport truck
Insurance for an enclosed trailer can be even five times bigger than for the open one

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Before shipment, you must set aside time to prepare your vehicle – clean it, check for pressure and leaks, and disable the alarms. Cleaning the exterior and interior of the car will not only speed the control process once the driver arrives but also allow you to assess the vehicle’s condition yourself before signing the bill of lading. Also, remember to always take pictures of the car before sending it away. It will serve as proof of the condition it was in before the shipping.

If you need some advice on how to deep clean a car at your home like an expert, take a look at the video below:

YouTube video

How Many Days Does Long-Distance Car Shipping Require?

Professionals can’t tell you the exact day when your vehicle will be picked up and delivered. Instead, you’ll be provided with the window frame when the trailer is expected to arrive and pick up your car. Once it does, keep in mind that it takes up to fourteen days on average for you to reunite with it on the opposite coast.

However, many different factors can affect the delivery (weather conditions, traffic congestion, possible labor shortages, and so on), so you can count only on the approximate, not precise, time.

Why Is Transporting a Car Cross-Country a Better Option than Driving It Yourself?

While driving from one end of the country to another might seem fun at first, many cons come with it. Here are some of the most important downsides of cross-country driving:

It can be a safety hazard

Long hours behind the wheel affect the driver’s focus, which increases the possibility of more or less severe accidents. However, even if you take a lot of breaks and ensure you’re well-rested, your safety won’t be solely in your hands – many more drivers will be with you on the road.

It can take a toll on your physical and mental health

Remember that you can also experience consequences from too much time spent in a sitting position long after the move ends – the older you are, the worse they will get. Don’t forget either about the road rage and possible driving anxiety you may experience because of it – the longer the drive, the more driving stress you’ll be exposed to.

It's not safe for the car

It’s not only you whose safety is in question with a cross-country road trip. One of the main benefits of car shipping is that you’ll get the auto in the exact condition you handed it over. That can never be the case if you opt to drive the car to a future destination. No matter how careful you are, the more miles you drive, the more wear and tear there will be – and that’s if you’re lucky and don’t have to change a flat tire, use a tire repair kit or fix any other unpredictable problem.

It's costlier than what most think

Those with tight relocation budgets often consider cross-country driving to save money. However, in most cases, the only cost they calculate is those needed for the gas – but long-distance drives demand much more. Visiting an authorized service before the move, food expenses, and accommodations must also be calculated in the final sum. Once you do, you’ll realize that it’s much less affordable than you initially thought.

Hiring a Reliable and Reputable Car Shipping Company Guarantees a Smooth and Stress-Free Auto Transport

If you want to relocate a car to another state without any problems down the road, take your time to find the team that can move your car safely and promptly – and get a quote. No matter which of the car shipping services you choose, top-notch professionals will ensure the vehicles are transported intact. After the relocation ends, all that will be left to do is update your license and registration and enjoy all the benefits of owning a car in a new home.

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