Wish to Sell a House Without an Agent? Here’s How to Do It

November 18, 2021Moving Tips
Daisy Wilson

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In 2020, there were 6.5 million homes sold in the US, and 9% of those sellings were “For Sale by Owner” or FSBO sales. And even though a lot of people opt for this type of sale, you should know that if you wish to sell a house without an agent you will have to be prepared for a lot of work. But don’t worry, with our tips and advice, you will learn how to sell a house without an agent with ease.

So you decided where to move, and it is time to take action regarding your relocation to a new state. From the shenanigans concerning transporting a car from state to state and booking a moving company to finding a new place to live and job, there are many things you must do, and of course, selling your old property is among them. And even if this all can seem overwhelming and exhausting, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. With a couple of relocation tips and tips on how to sell a house without a real estate agent, this whole process could be done in no time. All you need is a good plan and coordination.

Why Go With For Sale By Owner House Sell?

More and more people decide to make FSBO sales primarily because they don’t want to pay for a realtor and commission. And if you have time and energy to pull this off, you will actually save money. But bear in mind that some commission will have to be paid to your buyer’s realtor – usually around 3% of the final price. On the other hand, if you hire a realtor, you will pay around 6% for a commission. To put it in numbers, that would be $15,000 for an estate of $250,000 which is a lot of money. And if you have a buyer that you know and wishes to buy a property without a realtor, there will be no commission whatsoever.

Wish to Sell A Property Without An Agent? Here are the Downsides

Like buying a car with a salvage title or when selling a car through auction, every transaction has its good and bad sides. It is no different when it comes to closing the deal without agents. The biggest downside is that you will have to do all the paperwork alone. So if you are not good at organizing important documents, it would help if you start with this as soon as you decide to put your property on the market.

The other downside is that most realtors will refuse to close the deal only with the owner. This can deter a lot of potential buyers. Also, the whole process will have to be coordinated and managed by you. But if you set your mind to it and decide to outsource most of the relocation process to professionals, such as car shipping company and moving company, you will have enough time to deal with this process.

Binder with papers
Paperwork is probably the most daunting part of this process

How to Sell Your House Without an Agent – You Will Have to Prepare Your Property for Sale

The first thing you will have to do is to prepare your property for the market. And if you are relocating to a new city, you can simultaneously downsize for a move, pack all your belongings and prepare your property for sale. But if you wish to do some major renovations and investments, start with this process on time so you can have it all tidied up for your open property day.

It would be good to call the building inspector to check if everything is OK with your property. He will check if everything is in order, from electricity, gas, and plumbing to foundation and roof. If everything is in working condition, this is a huge plus on the market, and you, as a seller, will look like a trustworthy person with whom everybody would like to close the deal.



Declutter and Make Your Home Sparkle

Decluttering is important for the first impression when potential buyers come to see the property, as well as being a crucial part of an efficient move since you will have fewer things to pack. When deciding what to get rid of when moving, the best rule is to toss away anything you haven’t used for more than two years. Implement this rule when you start packing dishes, books, even electronics. We all have so much clutter in our homes we don’t even realize until we start to tie things up.

Refresh Everything With Paint

Once you are done with all the things you are not planning to pack and get rid of all the clutter, you can start with renovations. Fresh paint will bring a new look to your property, and it will make a good impression on a potential buyer. When picking paint, choose bright colors that will open up the rooms. And bright colors are good in case new owners want to repaint the walls to their liking.

Tidy Up Your Garden and Front Yard

Packing up garden and front yard items will probably appear on your moving to-do list at some point, so why not wrap it up right away? Pack all the clutter and unnecessary items from your garden. If you have a shed, pack everything from it and leave everything in boxes until your movers arrive. It will appear a lot better for buyers to see packed and arranged items in boxes than scattered all around. Mow the grass and cut weed, fix all sprinkles, and if it is possible, add a couple of pots of colorful plants on the porch or entryway. And finally, add fresh paint to your porch and backyard gate as well. Put a new welcome mat, and you are good to go.

Person painting a fence
Put fresh paint on your fence as well

Clean All Kitchen Appliances and Refurbish Your Cabinets

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is probably the most important part since every person will look at them. Nobody likes to look at a moldy and dirty dishwasher or a refrigerator that reeks and has food leftovers inside. So make sure to do a deep cleaning of all appliances from the inside out. Move your refrigerator and stove and clean everything in the back (you’d be surprised by the amount of grease that can end up behind them). And finally, when all the cleaning is done, you can repaint your cabinets or install new ones. This is the biggest trick sellers use to ensure their price is higher.

Invest Some Money and Renew Your Flooring

You will probably do property hunting yourself, and floors will probably be one of your top priorities when buying realty. So instead of thinking like sellers, think like a buyer. You would surely buy a tidy new home rather than a property with major flaws. For example, if you have a carpet in each room, do a deep cleaning of all rooms. Or, if you have time to remove the carpet and invest in new floors, your listing price will go really high. But bear in mind that investing in a new floor will only pay off if you can do this alone or if you have a contractor willing to help you and do this below market value.

Take Care of Your Garage and Put Out “Home for Sale” Sign

Before you book your auto transport company for an open trailer car shipping service, you must first clear your garage. If you have a totaled car waiting to be fixed, it is a moment to finish this project or give up. As you know, even if you pay for door-to-door auto transport and enclosed auto transport, you will still have to do preparations for shipping. And you will have to do all of the preparations before potential buyers begin their surveys of your property. A garage is a big part of a property, and people want to see it, and if you have too much clutter or ongoing projects there, it can make a bad first impression.

So prepare your car for shipping, declutter the garage, and finally, you are ready to take pictures and to put out the “Home for Sale Sign.”  If you take a terminal-to-terminal car shipping service, you will have to drive your car to the nearest terminal, so your car will be with you until chosen USA auto transport company arrives. And if your vehicle(s) is still in a garage during the open day, make sure to wash a car a day or two before. This will also help to make a good first impression.

Once everything is in order put up the sing so everyone knows you are selling

Sell a House an Without Agent – Scope Out the Competition

When thinking about how to sell your house without a real estate agent, setting a fair price is probably the most demanding part. But don’t worry, there are ways for you to price listing for a market without a realtor correctly. You will have to do research and see the value of your property in that area. When looking for competition, you must look for properties of the same size and type. It is crucial that you don’t ask for an unrealistic price from the start because nobody will come and see the property. The best way to check your property value is on the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) website. For more information on how to make a good evaluation of your property, the best would be to look at this video.

YouTube video

Make Sure Photos of Your Home Don’t Suck and Promote Wherever You Can

Before you market your property, make sure to take at least a couple of high-quality pictures of every room. If you feel you are not up to this task, consider hiring a professional photographer. And once you have your pictures, sign up to real estate platforms for sellers, like Zillow or FSBO and list your property there. Also, you can list your property on Facebook Marketplace. Some websites can even put you on MLS for a yearly rate, so make sure to explore this option as well.

Also, do not neglect the power of the in-person word. Inform your neighbors, friends, and family, and who knows. Maybe they know someone interested in buying your property. When you post the information about your property, go into detail but do not reveal any personal information or address.

Woman on the phone posting new ads for house sale
The good thing is that you can manage the whole process from the comfort of your chair

Set an Open House Day Before Your Move

The inevitable part of every property sale is an open house day. This is when you will be letting strangers in your place. If possible, do this a couple of days before your move and once you finished packing. You don’t want your buyers to come to the messy place. Remove all the personal belongings from your property and set the ambient to feel comfortable for all tastes. Make sure your property is getting enough natural light and decorate the interior with some candles, flowers, and, if possible, freshly-baked cookies. This will make everyone feel like they are at home.

Nicely arranged living room
Let the light fill in the rooms

Negotiate and Close the Deal

Negotiations are something that’s usually done by brokers, and now it is time for you to hone your skills in this area. You probably went through a similar process when you booked your auto transport company or movers. When negotiating with potential buyers, it would be good to have in mind the real value of your property and decide on a price you will not go below. Once everything is agreed upon, it should be all put in a formal contract. The next step is to find a title company to which you will submit all necessary paperwork. Here is paperwork most companies will ask for:

  • Property inspection,
  • Appraisal,
  • Title insurance,
  • Mortgage payments,
  • Proofs of any property improvements.

Once everything is proven to be in order, you can close the deal, and once money is on your account, you can give the keys and set off to your new adventure. As you can see, it is possible to pitch an estate without a realtor, but it will demand energy and work from your side. But it’s all for the best, right?

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