How to Survive the First Day of Your Move

June 7, 2022Moving Tips
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Taking a leap and starting a new chapter in your life is always exciting. However, some people might end up completely confused on the first day of your move, when you should be present and focused. So, don’t panic and learn some tips for surviving the moving process like a pro.

When you hire long-distance moving services to help you with some tasks, you surely need to be prepared for the movers. This, however, can take a bit of your time because there will be some organizing to do. Know that it’s also better to do some tasks on your own before the moving crew comes to your home. For example, packing some lighter items will ensure your house is completely safe and ready for you and movers to carry out all the boxes and other stuff.

Start Preparing Weeks Before the First Day of Your Move

Moving day preparation consists of some important steps you shouldn’t omit, which naturally means it’s going to take some time if you want a successful move. Otherwise, avoiding relocation stress might be a bit harder.

And why should you let something unexpected happen when you can plan everything and know exactly how the whole process will go. However, this also means you’ll have to start planning as soon as possible. When you want to move across the country, know it’s going to take time.

Do Your Research, Because Long-Distance Moving Demands It

One of the essential tips for a long-distance move is to do plenty of research before you even think about the possibility of relocating. Many factors must be included in a properly executed move. You should also be aware of the existing conditions for living and working in a new place where your home will be located. Along with knowing the prices, information about schools and hospitals is much needed.

Devise a Plan and a Good One

When you obtain relevant information, the second and equally important part of preparations is good planning. Every step should be carefully reviewed for the sake of a smooth transition to a new home, workplace, or both. Also, it would be wise to start making that particular plan as soon as possible. A few weeks ahead will be fine. Come up with an appropriate time frame, so you don’t have to forcibly change your schedule during relocation.

Make a Checklist of Things You Need to Do Before the Move

Whether you’re relocating to another city alone or not, there’s nothing better than having a checklist that will make your life easier. It’s undoubtedly one of the relocation hacks you shouldn’t avoid.

The list of things will keep you updated during the whole relocation process. If you’ve never made a checklist before, try making one with tasks that have to be done in specific weeks. For example, create three sections – tasks you can complete six and four weeks in advance, and things you can do a week before relocating.

Don’t forget to make a new apartment checklist that will include all things you need to prepare for the future place and make it feel like home. So, before long-distance movers come, be sure you have a relocation budget planned, too.

A woman creating a to-do list for cross-country moving and auto transport
Keep your checklist close during the relocation

Getting Ready for Moving Day – Prepare Your Home for the Cross-Country Movers

When you’re expecting professional movers, there are some things you know will concern you. For starters, you’ll have to ensure that the place is completely prepared for the whole relocation process. Also, you could use some packing tips for preparing items that are easy to pack – like wrapping clothes or even protecting glasses. However, if you’re planning on relocating a piano, know it’s better to leave it to the professionals and their packing services.

When it comes to your house, make sure there are no items or boxes on the pathway, and protect the floors. That way, you’ll not worry about getting yourself, or professional movers injured during the whole process.

Furthermore, since you are hiring a trustworthy USA auto transport company to do all the heavy lifting, ensure they transport your car to a new location as well. A car shipping company will ensure your machine arrives safely no matter if you opt for open trailers or if you choose enclosed auto transport. Professionals will surely offer you also door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping options, which will make the whole relocation process easier.


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Prepare All the Important Papers and Notify Everyone of Your Move

Dealing with papers isn’t fun. But it is unavoidable and very significant. Notify utility companies, financial institutions, the USPS, and the IRS. If you are relocating with a pet, you also need to prepare documentation for your animal friend. Additionally, your documents like your driver’s license and passport should be updated. All the important documents should be separated before packing from the rest of your stuff and kept close to you when the relocation starts.

And one more thing to keep in mind. It is highly recommended that you acquire some form of an insurance policy. You can ask the cross-country movers of your choice for recommendations.

Contact the Cross-Country Moving Services to Check the Time and Date

Sure, relocating to another state and adjusting to the new home can be quite stressful and overwhelming. And there could be many things to forget. So, how can you move out of your house on the first day and don’t have that feeling you forgot something important? Try contacting the relocation team a few weeks before just to check the time and date. It will surely help you feel more relaxed for the next, more stressful period.

A businesswoman speaking on the phone with a car shipping company
Contact the relocation company you hired just to ensure everything is ready for the big move

Have a Packing Plan and Label the Boxes You’ll Put In One Room

One of the biggest moving mistakes is not making the packing list. Memorizing all things you want to pack isn’t the best solution because there will always be that one item you forget. So, think the entire wrapping plan through and pack items you really need and want in your new home. Only then will you be efficient and not have to worry whether there will be enough time to do everything when the professionals come.

And when everything is packed, ensure all the boxes have adequate labels and are in a separate and accessible room. That way, you won’t have to think about whether they’ll represent an obstacle you will have to pass.

Leave Unwanted Items Behind

You’re surely familiar with saying the less is more. And when it comes to relocating, it’s even more true. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take anything from your old place. Just make sure your future home has only the necessary stuff. The rest could be sold or donated (check out the Salvation Army website). For example, if you don’t want to move some furniture, simply donate it.

A woman ordering door to door auto transport over the phone
Do a good thing today and donate stuff you will leave behind

Keep Kids and Pets Away From the Relocation Chaos

Stress-free moving is more than possible. But, sometimes, to achieve that, you will need help, especially if kids are involved or you are relocating with pets. In this case, the best thing to do is to leave them at your family member’s or friend’s house when the professionals come to do their job. That way you’ll spare them the stress and the process of moving to a new place will undoubtedly be significantly easier.

Looking for some helpful tips on preparing your pet for the relocation process? Check out this video.

YouTube video

Mind Your Well-Being During the First Day of Move and After

Do it right and be sure everything is taken care of. From all items, you should pack to prepare your home for the relocation crew. It will be just easy to fidget about your well-being. But, it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make during the move.

Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming, but once you have each and one task planned out, the whole surviving thing will be more than just smooth. Listening to your body and resting every once in a while is the key to a successful move.

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New Home, New Tasks Ahead of You

And here you are, in front of your new place, with a mountain of your belongings behind you. You should start with unpacking immediately. There is no point in wasting even a few seconds more. You need to rest, and you need to eat, and eventually move along with your life without unnecessary delays. This is what might even be considered as one of the more significant long-distance move tips. Your stuff must be put in the right place, without damage, as soon as possible. Maybe one small new apartment checklist will be of tremendous help, and your daily routine can be established once again.

It Is Time to Rest

All in all, after such a significant change in your life and moving to another apartment, city, or even a state, you deserve a proper rest. Relocations are a big shift for sure. But, if you follow these six tips, you will be able to allow yourself plenty of time to do so, and you will be ready for whatever is in front of you in the future.

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