How to Pack Shoes for Moving – 5 Most Effective Tips

November 1, 2021Moving Tips
Lucy Lucas

Born and raised in Miami Lucy is a content writer with a love of moving and packing. She is an expert at making sure everything fits into her suitcase.

So you’ve decided to relocate, and now you have to deal with boxing up your entire wardrobe, and not to mention the shoe closet. If you want to learn how to pack shoes for moving most effectively, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled the ultimate tips on getting through this dreadful task. So sit back comfortably, and let’s get to packaging.

#1 Before You Start Packing Shoes for Moving, Make Sure to Declutter Your Inventory

Let’s be real – when relocating to a new home, whether you have to move from a house to an apartment or vice versa, you won’t be able to take everything you own. And although it might make you sad to say goodbye to those boots you’ve had for a decade, sometimes a farewell is the only thing that’s left to utter. So, before you move or even start preparing your belongings, be certain you go through your home inventory and downsize for the move.

Not only will a declutter make your move easier, as well as your unpacking process, but it will create a smaller dent in your relocation budget. The fewer items you have, the fewer packaging supplies you’ll have to obtain, and the less cash you’ll be spending on it. So, rather than relocating items that are old, worn-out, or even destroyed, minimize your storage and maximize the efficiency of your move.

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Try Not to Throw Away Anything That Can Be Reused

When it comes to decluttering your inventory, you’ll want to create multiple piles of footwear. On the one side, you should place those you regularly wear, on the other should be those that are ready for the garbage bin, and finally, those that you just never wear. The first one you’ll take with you, and the other two are about to end up somewhere else since you’ll get rid of them. So, here is what we recommend you do with the footwear that no longer suits you or your style:

  • Sell them online or via a yard sale – When it comes to selling footwear, you shouldn’t try to swindle gullible purchasers and try to sell them items that are no longer in good condition. Rather, if the case is such that you’ve accidentally bought or been gifted footwear that doesn’t fit you and ideally still has a tag on and has never been worn, these are the ones to try to sell.
  • Donate to a cause – You can donate things you are no longer using. However, you have to make sure these are in good condition and haven’t been worn too much. So, find your local donation center for footwear, and support a cause you feel passionate about.
  • Recycle or throw away – The last thing you want to do is to throw away things you want to get rid of when relocating, but if you have to, make sure you recycle them. Most recycling centers do take care of footwear, so this shouldn’t be a problem. In case that it turns out to be more difficult than expected, toss them in the trash bin.
shoe sale
Throwing your own sale is a great way to get empty out your storage and get rid of items you no longer wear

#2 Prepare Each Pair for Transport by Thoroughly Cleaning It

If you are a driver who knows how to clean a steering wheel, you shouldn’t have any problems dealing with your leather footwear either. You’ll want to take a wet wipe and clean the soles of any residue dirt. Of course, if you have chemicals meant for cleaning footwear, you can take those too. Once you’ve cleaned a leather pair, you can take a wipe and put some nourishing body lotion on it and tap it into the shoe.

That way, you’ll not only clean the pairs but make sure the leather is nourished and flexible too, and thus that your boot won’t break the next time you wear it. For a more thorough explanation on cleaning your footwear in relation to their type, we recommend checking out the following video:

YouTube video

#3 Use the Right Packing Materials to Box up Your Shoe Pairs

When it comes to boxing up your sneakers, sandals, and flats, you are going to need adequate packing materials and equipment to keep them safe and secure during their move to a new city. You can, of course, use their original packaging to do so, but most people don’t save their boxes because, ultimately, they don’t have enough storage for them.

If you, however, had a lot of space in your home wardrobe or wisely placed the original boxes in a storage unit (and if not, consider doing that the next time), we applaud you. If you didn’t, here is what you should get to ensure your footwear is safely boxed up:

  • Containers in multiple sizes,
  • Wrapping paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Cotton bags that can fit at least one pair,
  • Quality packaging tape,
  • Or plastic bags (freezer bags might also work) for last-minute moves.

With the Best Alternative Packing Materials, You’ll Be Eco-Friendly and Save Space Simultaneously

If you’re not too keen on buying packaging materials for environmental or even budgeting reasons, you are not the only one. And given that these can create a significant dent in your expenses checklist, it’s good that there are budget-friendly relocation hacks that can save you money and some space too. By this, we mean that you can use socks as an alternative to packing paper and bubble wrap. To save space in your luggage, you should fill each sneaker with multiple pairs of socks, ensuring that your footwear doesn’t break.

A container filled with paper
Packaging paper will be your best friend during this process

#4 Get Acquainted With the Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving

Now that you’re done with organizing your relocation, it’s time to get to work. You’ll want to start by packing the opposite season footwear first and leave out some you’ll put on. Do not forget to put aside your slippers, as they are one of those moving essentials that should be packed separately, together with the rest of the things you’ll require after relocating. So, here are some relocation tips that show how to best go about it.

How Do You Pack Shoes for Moving Boxes?

The first of our packing tips is to make sure you have a clean counter or space you can start your packing process at. Also, have all your materials and equipment ready so that you do not have to run around for every small thing you need. Then, you are about to take your boxes and double proof their bottoms with quality tape so that you can rest assured that not even one item will get lost while relocating to a new state.

After that, it’s time to place the paper inside the container, then place one stuffed shoe inside and add a layer of paper over it. The other one, you’ll put on the opposite side, so that they don’t damage each other and repeat the process. Make sure to tape the container once it’s finished, and that’s it.

How to Pack Shoes for a Move With Original Packaging?

It’s always a good idea to keep the original boxes because you never know how it can help you. This is true when you are packing electronics the same way it relates to footwear. That is because original packaging is tailored to your specific footwear and thus won’t take up any extra space, nor will it allow your pairs to move much while in transport.

The process is pretty much the same, although you won’t have to double proof the bottom. You’ll just layer the box with bubble wrap or paper, place the stuffed footwear inside, secure it, close the box, and tape it up, and that’s it, you’re good to go.

How Do You Pack Shoes Without a Box?

If you do not want to use a cardboard container, you can use cotton bags or even freezer bags to individually store each piece of a pair. This is a good option if you don’t have too much room for large boxes, it is not ideal for any item that can easily get damaged. So, if you place a shoe in a bag, just make sure you place these bags in one box or container later on, and prepare them from any damage that might arise from, let’s say, stray furniture or artwork that can move around the truck while in transport.

How Do I Pack My Heels for Moving?

When it comes to packing fragile items, like heels and fancy footwear you wear in outings, these require a bit more attention. As you may expect, the outline of the process stays the same. However, there is one difference between flats and heels to watch out for. Since heels are easily breakable, due to unfortunate laws of physics, we suggest taking additional bubble wrap and enrolling the heel in it. Then, you just take some tape to secure it. Placing multiple pairs of high heels inside one container should be avoided at all costs. That’s it – you’ve just learned how to package your beloved footwear.

Sparkly heels prepared for packaging
Your fancy footwear always deserves special attention

#5 Use Tea Bags to Keep Your Footwear Beautifully Fragrant

Once you are done with boxing up your favorite boots and heels, you might want to take up one of our favorite relocation hacks. There are many ways you can make sure your footwear smells like a fresh spring day once you get to unboxing it. This you will do by placing some aromatized baggies inside of the container your boxed-up footwear is in. However, to save money, you can DIY your way to a fragrant item by putting a few tea bags inside each shoe.

Not only is this a very cheap hack, but by using this relocation tip, you’ll also be able to choose the exact smell your shoes should have. So whether it’s ginger, jasmine, or rose, that is your favorite cup of tea you can pick and choose, and even have special teas for designated pairs. If you for any reason feel like this is not the adequate way to go, you can also take lavender baggies people use to keep moths away. Those smell wonderful and will let you kill two birds (dare we say moths) with just one stone.

A bunch of tea bags
Teabags, soaps, and lavender bags are perfect ways to make your containers and footwear smell amazing

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