How to Find a Job in a New City When Relocating Cross Country

December 7, 2022Moving Tips
Maya Brown

Born in Atlanta, Maya has called many places home in her lifetime. She's a content writer and moving expert who loves to help people relocate smoothly

If you’ve moved at least once in your life, you know that this process is not only about changing your residence. There are a lot of things to consider, and how to get a job in a new city is one of the most important questions you should think about. If you’re not sure where to start, our guide has everything you need to know.

Finding a job in a new city is not always easy. But if you do your search thoroughly and commit to a good networking strategy, the offers will surely keep piling up. It’s all about getting your name out there and being prepared, so it is important to update your CV if needed and also to find out as much as you can about the company you’re applying for.

It Is Important to Ask Yourself – Should I Move to Another City for a Job?

There are a lot of different reasons to move to another state, from wanting to get a taste of living on your own to putting your current house on sale. No matter if this is your first time moving out or if you’ve done it many times before, deciding where to live can get complicated fairly quickly. And if you didn’t land the position before the move, it can add even more stress to the whole ordeal.

How Do I Go About Moving and Finding a Job? Get Professional Help and Focus On Making a Plan for the Future

As we’ve just discussed, relocating can be an overwhelming experience. Thinking about everything, from transferring utilities to booking the moving services you need, can get pretty exhausting. Sure, you might figure out how to pack furniture on your own, but what will you do with your precious car? What does shipping cars in the USA even look like?


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Answering these questions as soon as possible will not only ensure a stress-free move, but you’ll also have more time to figure out your plan for the future. So, contact your desired auto transport company and figure out if you’d rather use an open carrier service or want the extra protection of an enclosed auto transport trailer. As soon as you’ve got details like these covered, you will be able to focus on the more important stuff.

Figuring Out How to Get a Job in Another City Is Not Something That Should Be Rushed

Research shows us that approximately half of the people who move because of professional reasons do so in order to seek higher-paying jobs or better career opportunities. If you’re one of those people, you are probably wondering – is it hard getting a job in another city? Well, it’s not exactly easy, but with the right mindset and enough free time to focus on this task, you’ll be able to land the position you want sooner or later.

So, as soon as you compiled your moving-out list and went over the things to consider when relocating, you should start figuring out how to find a job in another city. You might be tempted to ask – what is the fastest way to get a job in a new city? But that’s not the way to go about it. It might take a while, but when you have a good head-start, there’s no need to feel discouraged.

Two long-distance movers carrying a couch with a man on it
When you've got the right movers to help you, you can focus on the important stuff

Think About How You’ll Make It Work for the First Few Months

Now that we’ve covered things you can do to have an efficient move and leave enough mental space to focus on your goals, let’s talk about how you can get by when it comes to the financial side of things. Sure, you’ve been able to save money for the move, but once it is done, the remainder of your relocation budget is going to dry up pretty quickly. So, you should plan out how you’ll get by for the first few months. Here are some options you should consider:

Save up for the First Few Months

Ideally, you should create a safety net even before you move by saving up in order to cover your living expenses for the first three to six months. Researching the cost of living of your next location will help you figure out the approximate amount you should have in order to settle in comfortably and cover everything on your new apartment checklist. But if you are not able to do that for some reason, don’t worry because there are other options you can look into.

Find Part-Time Work

Don’t rule out applying to part-time positions just because you’re in the process of furthering your career. It is a great way to secure yourself financially for the moment, and the flexible schedule will leave you with enough free days you can dedicate to figuring out how to get a job in a different city. If you are considering this option, it is best to go for sectors such as customer service or retail since they are always hiring.

Search for Bridge Jobs

Same as working part-time jobs, this is a temporary in-between opportunity you should definitely consider. It entails searching for work that may not be your dream goal but is a great stepping stone toward it. So, it is not only a way to get financial security but also to gain brand-new skills and exposure in your field. Who knows, it might open doors for you that you didn’t even know were there.

How to Get a Job in a New City? You Should Start With Research

So, let’s get down to business and talk about what you should do to land your dream position and set your career path in the right direction. As we’ve mentioned, it is a good idea to start your search for jobs even before you’ve settled at your chosen place and started to unpack. You never know how long it’ll take you, so it is best to do your search as soon as possible and start applying. But if you were too busy with the move-out cleaning, there’s no reason to stress – it’s better late than never.

Take Full Advantage of the Resources at Your Disposal

It might’ve been easy in your hometown, but trying to land a position in an unfamiliar location comes with its challenges. But luckily, there are tools such as LinkedIn that you can use to make this task as easy as possible. Set your profile location to your new ZIP code, and you will have a shot at turning up in the search results when employers are looking for people to hire in your particular field. You will also be able to get a clear picture of what sectors are developed at your next location and what jobs are available.

However, if you still haven’t figured out your next destination, take our quiz on where to move and ask yourself the following question – which city is best to start a career in my particular field? Here are some of the best cities for job-seekers at this moment:

  • Orlando, Florida,
  • Portland, Oregon,
  • Austin, Texas,
  • Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Seattle, Washington.

It’s All About Networking and Getting to Know the Local Economic Landscape

Trying to find a position in a brand-new location is all about getting your name “out there.” That’s why you should join the location-specific groups on LinkedIn for your particular field and contribute to the discussions going on. Every connection you make there can potentially open quite a few doors for you.

If you can, attend conferences or networking events since they’re the best places to meet professionals from your industry face-to-face. But don’t worry, nowadays the conferences are also held online. Build your network one step at a time, find a recruiter if you want, or get in touch with the departments of local universities to see if they have reciprocity with your alma mater. With a thought-out, strategic plan, you may appear on the radar of your dream company even sooner than you expected.

After contacting relocation and car shipping companies, it's time to call your providers
When you've got the right connections, the offers will keep piling up

This Is the Perfect Opportunity to Tidy Up Your Resume

Chances are you already have some sort of resume prepared, even if it’s your first time sending it to different companies. Now is the perfect opportunity to check if everything is in order and if there’s something you should add to your CV. Besides your background and qualifications, this document should include relevant information about you in an easy-to-read format.

Studies suggest that most employers don’t fully read the resume if they don’t like what they see at first glance, so it is important to have a brief yet compelling resume highlighting your field of expertise and experience. That’s why improving your CV is one of the most important things to consider when relocating to another state.

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Most Employers Will Also Ask for a Cover Letter

Once you’ve done your research and landed on a couple of potential companies, do your homework and research each of them to understand if it’s a good fit. Going through the websites of companies and their media coverage is a great way to familiarize yourself with their profiles. When you know their goals and work ethics, you will not only be able to envision where you fall in that picture, but you’ll also write a great cover letter.

Once you know the company inside and out, it will be easy to explain why you’re the perfect candidate and why you’re passionate about working for this particular company. Keep in mind that because you are in the process of relocation, it is important to address it head-on and ensure that it doesn’t unfairly disadvantage you. Shortly explain your intentions regarding the move, and also add a potential arrival date – but make sure you can commit to that schedule.

man in the job interview
A carefully thought out message to the employer can go a long way

Talking About How Your Goals Align With the Company Will Ensure a Successful Interview

As we’ve just mentioned, your current situation of changing locations might negatively impact your chances of landing the position because there will probably be local candidates who are far easier to access. That’s why it is important to be flexible and completely honest with your potential employer. So, address the relocation head-on to reassure the employer you’re fully committed, both in your letter and on the day of your interview.

When you’re preparing for the interview, think about why you moved and what attracted you to this location or position. Your interviewer needs to make sure your wish to work at their company is not simply because you need to earn a living. Also, think about which personal traits of yours can improve the growth of the company in question. These are some of the main aspects you will talk about with your potential employers, so prepare by thinking about them in advance. Check out this helpful video for additional tips:

Contact a Car Shipping Company and Let the Professionals Take Care of the Move

Now that you know all of the steps you should take in order to figure out how to find a job in a new city and land the position of your dreams, all that’s left to do is take care of the move. Finding a reputable company for this task will ensure that you avoid any common mistakes during the move, and you can rest easy knowing that you’ve not fallen victim to a relocation scam.

When you choose the company right for you, you will be able to inform yourself about all of the services they provide. For example, you might be confused about how car shipping works, and a reputable USA auto transport company will help you out with all of the details. They’ll tell you all about door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal car shipping offers, and your only task will be to wait for your stuff to arrive. Well, that and, of course, setting your career on the right path.

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