How to Pack Electronics for Moving to a New Home

March 23, 2022Moving Tips
Anastasia Hill

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Can you guess how many electronic devices you have in your home? Try, and then actually count them. Then think about how much money you invested in all of them. You’ll quickly realize that learning how to pack electronics for moving is an essential thing to do. However, there is no need to worry about accidents and worst-case scenarios, if you follow our tips, we’ll show you how to prepare electronics for a move.

Packing Electronics Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful if You Follow Our Guide and Stay Focused

If you’re getting a minor panic attack while thinking about how to pack electronics, you can calm down now and relax. One of the most important things in the process is organizing your move properly, and by finding this article, you successfully completed the very first step that should be on your to-do list. Once you read our useful tips and test them, you will have a stress-free move

The relocation process might get complicated easily since there are many things you have to take care of, especially when it comes to packing fragile objects like electronic devices. First, you have to prepare them properly, find suitable packing materials and use them in the best possible way to prevent any damage. Our guide can help you stay on track and prepare everything on time.

Living room with a flat-screen TV
Just follow our tips, and you'll move quickly and efficiently with all of your precious devices in one piece

Prepare Your Devices for Relocation

Most of these devices are usually connected with multiple cords to other devices and electricity sources. You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to the back of your device, so the situation back there is most likely very dusty and tangled. Try to do a bit of dusting before you proceed with the next step, and then carefully start detangling and unplugging everything.


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How to Prepare Electronic Items for Moving to a New Home and Pack Like a Pro?

If we’re talking about relocating a TV or some other device such as a computer, you’re probably aware that there is a jungle of cords behind it. You should disconnect all of them and make sure to remember which cord goes where. One of the relocation hacks you can rely on to assure you’ll remember everything after you move to a new home is to take a photo of the back of your device

This way, it will be much easier for you to plug everything back in once you unpack after a move. Another important thing to do is to ensure that all the cords are untangled before you box them. You should also group them by the device they belong to and label them. It is not unusual that some of the different devices’ cords look similar, so this way, you’ll prevent mixing them up.

Cables in a box
Unplug, untangle and prepare cords for relocation by labeling each one

Get Suitable Packing Equipment

If you want to move efficiently, one of the most important things to do is to find the right packing materials for relocation. There is no point in trying to save on relocation costs when buying these materials for one simple reason – if you don’t have the right equipment, you won’t be able to protect your devices, and material loss, in the end, will be much bigger. This is why you should follow our relocation tips and get the following materials:

  • Relocation blankets, 
  • Plastic tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Labels.

Once you get everything from the list, you might start wondering how to use all of this properly and ensure nothing breaks during the relocation process. We’ll describe how to do that in a few simple steps.

Original Boxes Are Ideal for Packing

It’s not a big secret that original packaging is the best option for packing electronic devices, so you can consider yourself lucky if you keep at least some of them because this can save you a lot of time and energy. You should just check the condition of these cardboards, especially if you keep them in a garage or some other storage space where the conditions are not ideal. 

The cardboard can easily get wet, moldy, or flimsy if you have already used it several times. You can also find some free ones online on websites such as Freecycle, but it is essential that the cardboard is still in good condition. It is always recommended to reinforce the bottom by taping it.

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Can You Put Electronics in Bubble Wrap?

Packing some fragile electronic devices in bubble wrap is one of the common relocation mistakes, especially when it comes to flat screens. They usually have a very delicate screen surface that can easily be scratched by rough plastic. That is why you should put some soft fabric as the first layer of protection. Bubble wrap as a first layer is suitable when it comes to some other devices such as kitchen appliances or a computer tower. 

Broken flat-screen TV falling from the wall
Original packaging is good because those are tailored to fit the device perfectly

How to Pack a Flat Screen TV?

Probably one of the most challenging tasks when preparing electronic devices for relocation is protecting your flat-screen TV. This can be complicated only because these devices are usually large and very delicate, so you need to be extra careful if you want to prevent any damage. 

If your TV is large, it is always recommended to have someone who will assist you in the process – it might be hard for one person to hold this device not because it’s heavy but because they are usually bulky. These are the best packing tips for relocation and steps you should follow in the process:

  • Lay a relocation blanket or a larger piece of protective foam on the flat surface,
  • Place the device on top of it and try to keep it in the upright position,
  • Wrap it in the blanket or foam and ensure all sides and corners are covered,
  • Use ropes to keep it all in place,
  • If using tape, ensure it doesn’t touch the screen directly because it might damage it,
  • Use bubble wrap as an additional layer of protection and secure it with tape as well,
  • Put the device in a box,
  • Add the remote control and cords that are individually packed inside the box,
  • Fill out the empty space with cushioning,
  • Tape and secure the closed box and label it properly.

This is one of the best options for any kind of device, so you can follow the same steps when protecting various devices without any worries that something could get damaged. 

Professional movers relocating a TV
If you don't have the original package, you can find some other supplies to protect your device and prevent any unwanted accidents

How to Pack a Laptop Computer?

For a laptop computer, it is recommended that you relocate it in its bag. There won’t be any additional actions necessary if you have a suitable bag for carrying it around. Just ensure you don’t put it under something heavy that might damage your laptop, even if it’s packed in a protective sleeve bag first. Also, ensure to put the charger inside. It is also recommended that you have this bag together with other relocation essentials because you’ll probably want to use it as soon as you get to your new home.

Girl placing a laptop in a bag
Your laptop can be comfortably transported in its sleeve bag or in the backpack you're carrying with you

Labeling Items Is One of the Most Important Parts of the Process

If you’re relocating for the first time and want to move safely, you need to understand that labeling all the boxes is one of the essential steps. No matter how carefully you packed everything, it could all go to waste if you forget to label boxes containing fragile objects. This will help you and your assistants during the relocation process, whether you’re hiring professional movers or relocating on your own with the help of friends or family members. 

If everything is labeled appropriately, it will be easier for anyone who’s handling the box to be aware that it holds something delicate, so they would know to act more carefully with this container. Labels should be clearly visible from all sides of the box and don’t rely on sticky notes, use markers to label each side of the container. 

Box labeled as fragile
Labeling is essential if you want to ensure everything stays in good condition during the relocation process

You Should Also Be Careful About the Way You Organize the Inventory Inside the Relocation Truck

Apart from labeling, there is another important thing to take care of: organizing your inventory inside the relocation truck. When it comes to protecting any kind of fragile items, it is important that you don’t place them under something heavy or close to something that could fall onto them. You really have to think this through and place things strategically. 

This is why you should put these containers on top of others and ensure they stay still between sturdy objects. Any unwanted movements could be fatal, so you should always secure them with straps and ensure they stay in one place during the relocation process.

TVs and Flat Screens Should Stay in Upright Position

There is no need for anxiety about moving out if you keep TVs and flat screens in the upright position during the relocation process. This is essential because in case you lay these screens down, their inner structure could suffer. These screens aren’t designed in a way to support their own weight, and any bumps or vibrations can lead to internal damage. If you decide to keep the device in a storage unit for some time, you should also ensure that it stays in the upright position.

Woman with a TV
You need to ensure your flat screen stays in the upright position throughout the whole process

If You Don’t Know How to Pack Electronics for Moving, Hiring Professionals Is Always a Good Idea

We tried to explain all the steps and help you, but if you still believe that packing and relocating these objects on your own is too challenging, you can always choose a moving company and get professional help during the relocation process. Apart from relocating your entire household inventory, professionals can also help you ship your car in an enclosed trailer or in an open trailer

If you want to plan your moving budget and you’re interested in the potential price of moving services, you can also request a free quote from a car shipping company. Once you get the estimated price, it will be easier to decide which services suit you. 

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