Do You Have to Change Health Insurance When Moving to Another State?

November 29, 2021Moving Tips
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

When moving out of state, health insurance (HI) might not be the first thing on your mind. Still, one can’t simply overlook it and hope they won’t find themselves in the position to need health insurance – moving to another state has many tasks, but one of the essential ones you absolutely should not forget is taking care of your insurance. We will provide you with all the necessary information you’ll need in order to sort it out.

Whether you are moving to a small town or a metropolitan area, and no matter how complicated your move might be, taking care of yourself should always be a priority. If you don’t want to find yourself with adjustment insomnia or experience certain levels of depression after moving, knowing you took care of everything regarding your well-being can be helpful. So, that means that one of the most useful moving tips we can give you is this one – take care of the documentation regarding HI on time, so you don’t have regrets later.

Moving Is Stressful, But Your Healthcare Plan Is Something You Shouldn’t Overlook

Organizing an efficient move is always challenging – no matter how many times you’ve moved before, having a stress-free move is basically impossible. You have to think about so many things, relocation essentials primarily. However, people don’t think about their healthcare plan when moving to another state, even though it is a crucial thing. You wouldn’t want to make that moving mistake, right? We didn’t think so.

So, be sure to add HI research to your to-do list. All the information out there might seem confusing when you look at it for the first time. Luckily, you won’t have to do much work to understand everything because we have done extensive research for you – all you need to do is keep reading, and you will understand the seemingly unclear topic of enrollment for a new policy.

A hand arranging wooden cubes with medical icons one on top of another
Don't forget to think about your well-being after the move

Can I Use My Health Insurance in Another State?

The first thing everybody wants to know is this – can you transfer health insurance from one state to another? Sorry to tell you that you will find it pretty hard to figure out how to transfer health insurance to another state – unfortunately, transferring health insurance to another state isn’t possible, except in some rare cases. When moving to a new city means crossing state borders, the change of medical policy is in order. We know – it’s annoying to waste time on top of everything else you have to do (yes, we meant organizing packing) but it’s a necessity.


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The Importance of Healthcare During the Pandemic

Relocating to a new home is a crazy adventure, to say the least – and that’s in perfect conditions. A global pandemic can hardly be considered an ideal condition, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to move during coronavirus. It’s no time for risking your well-being, that’s for sure. You will definitely need another policy, remember that. Here’s to hoping that changing HI won’t be one of the things you forget to do when you move.

New Health Insurance Means You Might Be Able to Get More Affordable Plan Than Your Current One

Enrollment for a different plan usually brings various worries, money being one of the most common ones. However, things aren’t always so bad (even though your previous experience with the medical system in the USA might say otherwise). There’s a chance you’ll be able to get a better policy for you and your family, but don’t focus only on the money. Good coverage should protect your privacy and personal information and suit your needs best.

Is Interstate Moving Considered One of the Qualifying Life Events (QLE) for Changing Insurance Plans?

Qualifying life events are special circumstances that make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). That means you are allowed to get a different coverage outside the standard, yearly Open Enrollment Period. So, is moving to a new state a qualifying event for health insurance? Yes, it definitely provides you with a special period to enroll. There are other events that are considered qualifying, like losing existing coverage or losing the eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid.

A guy carrying a box
Moving across state lines is one of the qualifying events for changing your policy

How Long Do I Have to Change My Health Insurance After Moving to Another State?

If you organize your move on time, you can change HI in advance. This will ensure you won’t have any breaks when you are uninsured because the HI will be transferred on time. Still, if you’re having a last-minute move, this likely won’t be an option – and that’s one of many benefits of planning your move ahead.

After your move, you will have 60 days for enrollment in another plan, which should give you plenty of time to choose an excellent coverage option. Once again, we’ll mention the importance of having all the information at hand and ensuring your privacy will be protected.

A man sitting on boxes and pointing his hand to the alarm clock he's holding while waiting for truck for terminal-to-terminal car shipping
Don't put this task off - you have 60 days for enrollment in another HI

How to Get a New Healthcare Plan After You Move?

Now that we’ve established the basics, the question is how to actually change your HI. Like anything else these days, this can be done online. Applying for different plans depends on where you live – some states use, yet some use their own website. If you’re not sure you’re in the right place, you can always check by sending an email to the authorities. Once you figure out what option goes for your place of residence, it’s time to start the application process and get the confirmation email.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Makes Things Simpler

This law reform from 2010, often referred to as Obamacare, helps extend coverage for millions of uninsured Americans. One of the essential benefits of Obamacare is creating a HI Marketplace. Also, insurers are no longer allowed to refuse coverage for those with pre-existing conditions or based on something in their medical history. Millions of Americans have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, but just as any law, it isn’t perfect. There are still ongoing debates about the pros and cons of ACA.

What Is HI Marketplace?

HI Marketplace, also known as HI exchange, is a place to shop for affordable HI plans. It sells policies that can be subsidized by the federal government, based on your income and number of family members. A marketplace can be run by the state government, federal government, or it can be private. Keep in mind that if you’re eligible for Medicaid, you aren’t allowed for savings on the Marketplace.

Woman holding money
Changing your coverage plans is easier with the Affordable Care Act - famous Obamacare

What About Employer-Based Health Insurance? Here’s Information You Need to Know

Getting a job in a different state means you’ll be able to join employer-sponsored plans, but that doesn’t happen overnight. While you wait for the coverage – which could take anywhere from 30 to 90 days – you are uninsured. Sure, you can risk it and hope for the best, but that isn’t the wisest option. You never know what can happen, and if something does, you will have to pay substantial medical bills. So, what to do while you wait?

Short-term HI policies, which can be bought from private marketplaces, might be the best solution in these special situations. You will be covered during the brief relocation period and after your move (which was hopefully successful thanks to moving services and open trailer car shipping or enclosed auto transport,) and that is great because you won’t have to worry about this while unpacking after the move – you can finally relax and focus on your new apartment checklist instead of obsessing over the possibility of getting hurt or sick while uninsured. The great thing about short-term HI is that it can be really short – even only 30 days. It can also last up to a year.

What If You’re Transferred to Another City for Work?

If your reason to move is simply that you were transferred to another branch of the company you’re employed in, you will most likely stay on the employer’s sponsored HI. However, this is only possible if the HI in question has a network in your city. If not, the employer will probably find you another HI.

What If You Live in One State and Work in Another?

This is a tricky issue, but generally, it’s best to buy HI where your residence is and not your job. If you have multiple homes during the year, it is usually suggested that you get yourself HI in the place where you spend the most time.

usa auto transport stuff we move
You are moving for a job? What does that mean for your HI - will you be covered?

Will You Have to Change Anything Regarding Your HI If You Qualify for Medicare and Medicaid?

Are you qualified for these affordable options? If you are, the chances are that you won’t have to go out of your way to handle the HI changes after moving. Medicare is a federal program designed for Americans over 65 or those who can qualify based on their disabilities. Most of the hospitals across the country are a part of Medicare, so you probably won’t have to change anything after moving. When it comes to Medicaid, it’s important to note that the lowest required income for qualifying can vary in different states. You will have to check if you still qualify, so be sure to send a quick email. The beneficiaries of this program include:

  • Children,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Adults with low income,
  • Elderly,
  • People with disabilities.

If you want to understand more about these valuable programs and the differences between them, be sure to check out the video below, where everything is explained.

YouTube video

Another Thing You Shouldn’t Overlook When Moving Is Hiring Professional Moving and Car Shipping Company to Help You Get Effortlessly to Your Destination

Often when moving, we focus so much of our attention on tasks like decluttering and wrapping our belongings so they’ll travel safely. However important that is, there is an absolute essential that you shouldn’t overlook, and that is hiring a long-distance moving and USA auto transport company. With professionals by your side, everything will be much easier than you could’ve imagined. So, make sure you research moving companies and find the best one for your move – you will be glad you did.

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